Allevate launches cloud-hosted facial recognition service with Facewatch secure online crime reporting

by Brianna Crandall — August 29, 2016 — London-based biometric and identification technology provider Allevate recently announced the launch of its Face-Searcher service, enabling organizations large or small to utilize facial recognition as a hosted cloud service. Additionally, Facewatch, the secure online crime reporting system, announced immediate availability of an integrated Facewatch and Face-Searcher offering, launching initially in Brazil.

Allevate facial recognition service screen

The Allevate Face-Searcher / Facewatch integrated offering enables facial recognition in the cloud for all organizations large or small, matching against data sets created from real-time crime reporting.

Allevate’s Face-Searcher service enables organizations to utilize facial recognition as a hosted cloud service. It requires minimal capital outlay, incorporates advanced, world-class face recognition technology, and eliminates the need to install or maintain a complicated software infrastructure or related compute platform on the premises. The Face-Searcher Edge component detects and crops faces from closed-circuit television (CCTV) video surveillance cameras and submits them to the cloud service for matching.

Facewatch enables organizations to report crimes online and submit moving and still CCTV images as evidence to the police, as well as share this imagery between businesses in related subscribed groups (in compliance with data protection guidelines) to reduce crime.

Facewatch subscribers can now instantly and automatically share their images of Subjects of Interest to Face-Searcher’s watchlists, thereby allowing real-time watchlist alerting to any device connected to Facewatch’s integrated alert management system. This integrated offering can now help businesses prevent crime by warning them if someone who enters their premises is on a watchlist of known offenders.

Simon Gordon of Facewatch points out:

A major factor that has hindered the wide-scale adoption of face recognition by business has been the requirement to install and manage costly and complex software. Allevate’s cloud-hosted SaaS offering removes this headache and enables businesses to benefit from the accuracy of the industry’s best face recognition algorithms in a cloud-enabled shared-services environment with a simple easy to understand monthly subscription fee.

Carl Gohringer of Allevate adds:

The best face-recognition technology in the world is useless unless businesses have accurate and reliable subject matter to match against. Facewatch has already proven invaluable in enabling businesses to seamlessly interact with their local police. Now, they can cooperate by sharing this same imagery amongst their local business groups.

According to Allevate, Face-Searcher is built on the industry-proven enterprise-grade MXSERVER platform enabling automated facial detection and recognition, developed by Tygart Technology. MXSERVER is said to be the only biometric search engine on the market designed to handle Big Data (processing massive amounts of photos and videos) by leveraging a cloud-based architecture for faster parallel processing of services. MXSERVER is proven and utilized by defense, intelligence and law enforcement organizations and has also been used to enhance security at major events such as the 2015 European Games, notes the company.

This integrated offering is being made available in Brazil by Allevate’s local partner, Staff Security Ltd. To learn more about Allevate’s new Face-Searcher service and the Facewatch system, visit the company’s Web sites.