ARCHIBUS acquires assets of Deltona Information Systems GmbH

July 5, 2006—ARCHIBUS Solution Centers, Ltd., announced that it has executed a definitive agreement to acquire the majority of the assets of Deltona Information Systems GmbH, a privately held company based in Saarbrcken, Germany and it has established ARCHIBUS Solution Centers — Germany — Saarbrücken, GmbH in its place.

Deltona Information Systems is one of Germany’s leading CAD, ERP and IT integration, and CAFM system deployment organizations, says ARCHIBUS. Some of Deltona’s existing ARCHIBUS/FM customers include Deutsche Bourse, IBM, and Porsche. All of the partners and customers have agreed to expand their relationships with the newly formed ARCHIBUS Solution Center in Saarbrücken.

This acquisition signals ARCHIBUS, Inc.’s and ARCHIBUS Solution Centers’ entry into the infrastructure and facilities management automation space in German speaking markets and will enable ARCHIBUS/FM customers, including owners and tenants, to create, manage and share building data throughout the entire building lifecycle.

As part of the acquisition agreement, ARCHIBUS Solution Centers-Germany-Saarbrücken will continue to support ARCHIBUS/FM for Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and Sybase customers who are active in the CAFM, CIFM, TIFM and ERP areas. Its staff will be able to effectively design, develop and deploy regionalized ARCHIBUS/FM-based solutions for the German, Austrian, and Swiss markets.

ARCHIBUS Solution Centers, Ltd is one of the worlds leading real estate, infrastructure and facilities management automation products and services providers. For more information, visit ARCHIBUS as well as their ad on FMLink.