Brass Knuckle offers advanced eye/face protection

by Brianna Crandall — September 12, 2016 — For jobs that leave workers exposed to any kind of wetness or debris being thrown into their face, face protection is needed — from the sun, from impact, from splash, and even from dangerous, temporarily impaired vision caused by eye protection fogging up.

These combined hazards require a combined solution, says safety products provider Brass Knuckle. The Vader Combo from Brass Knuckle is a vented goggle with face protection — a splash goggle with integral face shield that combines full-face impact and wetness protection with “unparalleled” anti-fog properties.

Brass Knuckle, a member of the Volk Enterprises family of companies, offers high-quality, high-value safety products sold through its network of distributors, cenabling the company to deliver superior safety solutions at a lower cost.

Vader Combo eye/face protection shield

Vader Combo is a vented splash goggle with integral face protection shield that combines full-face impact and wetness protection with “unparalleled” anti-fog properties.

With D3 droplet and splash protection rating, the aqua-green splash goggle features a roomy, over-the-glasses design, with reverse venting for comfort and soft rubber seals around the nose, eyes and brow for a comfortable, custom fit. The face-covering impact shield is an integral piece to the goggle, instead of attaching to a hard hat, ensuring Vader Combo moves where the head moves while keeping the protective cover closer to the face, therefore allowing less splash-back.

Vader Combo is 99.9 percent UV protection-rated for outdoor wear and offers impact protection via goggles designed with an ANSI-rated, polycarbonate lens with a hard coating.

Brass Knuckle says it has gone the extra mile with Vader Combo, offering not only maximum splash protection but also advanced anti-fog properties, by protecting the goggles with the company’s proprietary N-FOG coating. N-FOG exceeds the European EN 166/168 standard, lasting 15 times longer than the minimum set forth by that standard. For jobs that include swinging temperature extremes or any kind of wet or moist conditions, Vader Combo offers unparalleled protection, says the company.

Vader Combo is an ideal choice for workers in construction, water and sewer work, power washing, concrete work, grinding applications and more. For more information, watch the Vader Combo video and visit the Brass Knuckle Web site.