Hyper-focused data center FM services startup BSC FM launches

by Brianna Crandall — September 21, 2016 — BSC FM, a facilities management services provider exclusively for data centers, intends to disrupt the outsourcing industry with the recent launch of its company. Unlike commercial real estate companies that may offer FM services as a subsidiary and operate in multiple industries and property types, BCS FM focuses exclusively on the unique needs of data center owners and operators. This specialization allows BCS FM to provide “industry-leading” Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and guaranteed savings of up to 20 percent with its data center FM services, says the company.

BCS’s services mix includes 7×24 facilities operations — mechanical, electrical, plumbing; onsite physical security, security and compliance guidance; and information technology (IT) operations — rack, stack, cabling and more. Eighty percent of all services are self-performed, keeping the use of subcontractors to a minimum. The company also offers FM training and consulting programs for data center owners and operators.

Danny Crocker, chief executive officer (CEO), BCS FM, commented:

The outsourcing of data center operations management has exploded in recent years, and what many data center operators have learned is that bigger isn’t always better. What matters is whether the provider operates efficiently by helping data center owners reduce their costs, maintain uptime and afford scalability, all of which our business model ensures.

BCS FM launched quietly in January 2016 and currently is managing approximately 135,000 square feet of data center space for customers in Virginia, Kansas and California. Customers include a wireless telecommunications company; one of the world’s largest digital information providers; and the data center that is part of the redevelopment of an iconic historic building.

Danny Crocker added:

Our customers tell us they selected BCS FM based on our specific expertise in data center operations, the flexible solutions we offer and, quite frankly, the savings guarantee. The fact that BCS can seamlessly manage data center and physical operations, and consult on critically important security and compliance issues is an additional selling point.

In addition to its competitive SLAs and data center operations expertise, BCS FM also differentiates itself as a member of the Uptime Institute’s Maintenance & Operations Coalition, through which BCS FM will provide M&O Certification for any data center under its management.

For more information on the company’s data center FM services, visit the BCS FM Web site.