DeWalt launches mobile storage system for any job site

by Brianna Crandall — December 28, 2016 — The ToughSystem mobile modular storage system from worldwide power and hand tool manufacturer DeWalt allows users to quickly and easily change the combination of tools they take to work. The ToughSystem mobile storage family can be configured to meet needs with a variety of options taking users from the workshop to the job site including tool boxes, a tote and a job-site radio. When carrying the tool boxes by hand, they can be fastened together utilizing side latches, allowing them to be carried as a stack. Also offered are two different mobility options.

DeWalt mobile storage system

ToughSystem mobile storage can be configured with a variety of options taking users from the workshop to the job site, including tool boxes, totes and job-site radio.

The ToughSystem DS130 Suitcase (model DWST08130) features organizational elements including four deep, large-size cups for storage of smaller tools and parts; storage pockets in the lid for screwdrivers and drills; and a padlock eye for extra security. The ToughSystem Suitcase also features an IP65-rated dust and water seal, rust-resistant metal latches, and a durable coated handle — all engineered for unpredictable weather elements.

The ToughSystem DS450 Mobile Storage (model DWST08250) is a mobile toolbox, compatible with all existing modules of the ToughSystem storage family. The stackable base box is made with durable 7″ wheels and a top handle for carrying, offering portability and mobility. The patented design of the lid opens with a pull-back handle, and a non-detachable lid enables full accessibility and maximum storage volume. A metal-plastic telescopic handle with a strong grip provides great durability for all job sites. Like the DS130, the DS450 Mobile Storage features an IP65-rated dust and water seal, rust-resistant metal latches and internal organization.

The ToughSystem Workshop Racking Solution (model DWST08260) is a modular self-assembly solution compatible with all ToughSystem modules, allowing users to store and pull out products quickly and easily. The Workshop Racking Solution can be fully customizable for an array of arrangement options and allows the addition of a self-made shelf on top of brackets for additional storing. Each racking system can carry up to 440 lbs. The workshop racking solution is also available as a combination set including the DeWalt ToughSystem DS100 Clear Lid Organizer (model DWST08270).

Each Workshop Racking Solution pack includes:

  • 6 ft. metal bars
  • 2 horizontal beams
  • 5 pairs of brackets (for toolbox and/or shelf)

For more information see the DeWalt Web site or click on the specific mobile storage units highlighted above.