eLine Technology launches user-friendly network video recorders

by Brianna Crandall — August 29, 2016 — eLine Technology has just announced the new user-friendly Sibell network video recorders (NVRs). Sibell NVRs were designed with advanced technology and sleek user interface software, and were embedded to create a system that is both secure and user-friendly. This series of NVRs is said to be powerful and easy to use, and provides superior image quality and system stability.

Sibell was designed specifically for the network video monitoring industry. The goal when developing the Sibell network video recorders was to create a high-performance, high-quality NVR with adaptive, intelligent Internet protocol (IP) camera management capabilities as well as provide advance record search that is easy to use.

Sibell NVRs are adaptable to provide security to multiple industries including but not limited to banking and financial institutions, residential home security, school and educational building security, traffic and road security, oil and gas, grocery and convenience stores, retail and loss prevention security, community or complex security, hotel/hospitality, parking garage security and much more.

Sibell NVRs are flexible for security jobs of both small and large scale, with three case sizes to choose from: compact 1 hard drive bay, mid-size 2 hard drive bays, or full-size 8 hard drive NVRs. Choose from 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 channel options. Select models of NVRs are complete with plug-and-play PoE, and all network video recorders are professional quality and user-friendly.

The basic functionality of Sibell NVRs includes:

  • User-friendly embedded GUI
  • Supports IP network devices including IP network cameras and Sibell IP security cameras as well as third-party IP cameras
  • Most models support H.265 video coding and can mix and match H.265 and H.264 IP cameras
  • H.265 is beneficial to save hard drive storage space
  • Supports ONVIF protocol
  • Supports dual-stream recording of each camera
  • Quick setup wizard and easy camera management tools
  • Supports single or batch configurations of camera’s OSD, video settings, masks, motion detection, among other camera features
  • Allows for remote Web client access and mobile app
  • Supports multi-screen modes
  • Supports custom screen layouts
  • Supports time scale operations in quick playback, and playback by date and time
  • Supports record searching by time slice smart search, time or event (motion detection)
  • Supports time view and camera view in search by time slice mode
  • Supports time slice searching by month, by day, by hour and by minute and time slice to be displayed with camera thumbnail
  • Snapped images can be attached to e-mail when alarm or motion is triggered
  • Supports QR code quick setup for mobile app Sibell Mobile

For more information about Sibell NVRs, visit the eLine Technology Web site.