Legrand launches outdoor power solutions, LEED product guide at World Workplace

by Brianna Crandall — October 10, 2016 — Legrand, a global provider of power, light and data technologies, introduced a new offering of permanent outdoor power products this past week during the 2016 International Facility Management Association (IFMA) World Workplace trade show in San Diego. The company also released its LEED with Legrand Product Guide to help architects, designers and building owners reach sustainability certification goals.

The Outdoor Power offering currently includes the Outdoor Power Ground Box for use by facilities managers and the Outdoor Power Charging Station for people who want to charge their cell phones on the go. Both products provide permanent outdoor power and low-voltage connections that can be installed on college campuses, in commercial outdoor office spaces, outdoor retail shopping centers, amusement parks, sports venues, and other exterior gathering spaces.

Michael Cole, senior Wiremold product manager at Legrand, stated:

Our research showed that there is a large movement to expand businesses into outdoor spaces and give employees the flexibility to enjoy time outdoors. To host more outdoor events, create outdoor classrooms and set up outdoor retail spaces, facility managers need permanent outdoor power sources. The new Outdoor Power offerings from Legrand are designed to enhance the value of your exterior real estate by generating more use, longer stays, and increased productivity.

Outdoor Power Ground Box

As the popularity of outdoor activities grows, so does the demand for outdoor electrical connections. FMs are often forced to set up a generator or run an extension cord to provide power for outdoor activities, such as collegiate, corporate and sporting events, food vendors and retail kiosks. Legrand’s new Outdoor Ground Box gives FMs a safer, permanent electrical solution to reduce manual labor and setup time.

Outdoor Power Ground Box

New Outdoor Ground Box with durable “diving bell” design gives FMs a safer, permanent electrical solution to reduce manual labor and setup time for outdoor electrical connections.

The Ground Box uses a “diving bell” design to create and maintain an air pocket that protects the electrical connections from getting wet in adverse weather conditions. To sustain a safe working product, there are holes on the bottom of the box that allow the water to drain into the ground. The Ground Box also has anti-float clips that prevent the cover from lifting up and keep the protective air pocket intact. For added safety, it has a locking cover to prevent unauthorized use.

Legrand says the Ground Box is the first UL listed while in use outdoor in-ground box. It earned a National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) 6P rating — meaning it can withstand “occasional, prolonged submersion in water” — and an International Protection (IP) 68 rating stating that it is “protected from total dust ingress and long-term immersion up to a specified pressure.”

Designed for use in any climate, the Ground Box has gone through rigorous testing to prove it has the durability to withstand exposure to water and ice. It has a Tier 5 load rating — meaning it can handle an occasional 5,000-pound load — without cracking or breaking, in case it comes in contact with a mower, tractor or vehicle, says Legrand.

The Ground Box features a modular design that allows the box units to be ganged together based on electrical needs and available space. There are three weather-resistant receptacle options available: a 20-amp duplex, a single 30-amp Turnlok locking receptacle L5-30R (125V), a single 30 amp Turnlok locking receptacle L6-30R (250V), and a low-voltage version that can accommodate communications and audiovisual (A/V) services.

The box sits flush with the ground to seamlessly blend into the existing landscaping. It is made of ultraviolet light (UV)-resistant material and can be installed in a variety of surfaces. The Ground Box is offered in black, brown and gray finishes to match its environment.

Outdoor Charging Station

The second product in the new line is the Outdoor Charging Station. It features standard outlets, as well as USB charging outlets, and is designed to meet the growing demand for mobile connectivity.

Outdoor Power Charging Station

Outdoor Charging Station features standard outlets, as well as USB charging outlets, to meet the growing demand for mobile connectivity.

The Charging Station allows students and employees to charge cell phones, tablets and laptops while enjoying time outdoors. The Charging Station is available in three models and three standard finishes — black, bronze and silver — to accent the existing landscape. Each station includes a combination of two or three gangs of power devices and can be used for A/V or communications connectivity, if desired. In addition, some stations combine light-emitting diode (LED) illumination with power to make outdoor spaces even more productive.

LEED Product Guide

Legrand also just released its LEED with Legrand Product Guide. The informative 16-page guide provides architects, specifying engineers, designers and building owners with an overview of Legrand products that contribute toward LEED certification to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building rating system by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). Legrand is a Platinum member of the USGBC.

In sync with the credit-based LEED system, which allows projects to earn points for environmentally friendly actions taken during construction and use of a building, the Product Guide addresses the Credit Categories of Sustainable Sites, Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Innovation in Design. Electrical and networking infrastructure products can play an important role towards earning certification, but are often overlooked, notes Legrand.

Proper design of a building’s power, light, data and A/V infrastructure can also significantly contribute to energy savings and occupant comfort and productivity. Successful implementations occur when these needs are addressed early in the design and construction process to ensure the space will meet the changing needs of the built environment and continue to meet its goals for years to come, points out the company.

The LEED with Legrand Product Guide can be downloaded from the company’s Web site, as can additional tools and resources regarding the High Performance Building landscape.