Schneider Electric harnesses IoT to optimize data center operations

by Brianna Crandall — July 20, 2016 — Global energy management and automation specialist Schneider Electric recently introduced a digital service that leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect data center physical infrastructure assets to the Schneider Electric cloud, enabling the delivery of real-time data and alerts anytime, anywhere via a mobile app in order to optimize data center operations.

With real-time visibility into system performance, maintenance and service requirements, StruxureOn’s data-driven analytics can proactively advise of potential failures, fundamentally improving the ability to service critical equipment prior to failure. Deeper visibility into data center performance enables data center and facilities managers to make faster and smarter insight-based decisions to deliver maximum protection of critical equipment and optimize operations.

As part of the digital service, Schneider Electric’s Service Bureau personnel are readily available to remotely troubleshoot an issue or, in cases that cannot be addressed remotely, dispatch a field service representative armed with the necessary information and equipment to quickly resolve the issue and minimize downtime. Schneider Electric’s Service Bureau acts as a “second set of eyes” providing around the clock incident monitoring so that FMs can rest assured that immediate action will be taken to curtail the impact on data center operations.

Henrik Leerberg, global director of ITD Digital Services, Schneider Electric, commented:

Today, as data center managers face tightening budgets, growing customer demands on data center performance, and an increasingly competitive market, optimizing operations while staying within financial confines has become a significant challenge. With StruxureOn, Schneider Electric is harnessing the power of IoT to give data center and facility managers the insights, tools and support they need to proactively predict and prevent incidents and system downtime.

Schneider Electric says it is bringing IoT to the data center with StruxureOn, optimizing the way that data is analyzed, stored and delivered as actionable information to improve decision-making around data center maintenance, uptime and incident management.

StruxureOn is currently available in North America and is expected to roll out globally on a phased basis towards the end of 2016 and into 2017. For more information about StruxureOn, visit the Schneider Electric Web site or contact a local Schneider Electric representative.