U.S. Conference of Mayors commended for renewing green building commitment

by Shane Henson — July 8, 2013—The U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM) received kudos from two major sustainability organizations this month for passing a slate of sustainability resolutions that renew its commitment to local green building and clean energy efforts designed to help spur economic savings and protect the environment.

“Once again, mayors are showing courage and leadership by embracing a strong sustainability and green building policy agenda that helps communities save money, save energy and create jobs,” said Jason Hartke, vice president of national policy of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), which publicly commended the USCM along with the American Institute of Architects. “As the first responders on the frontlines in the battle to combat climate change, they are seeking out effective solutions and smart public policy that will help strengthen their local economies.”

The 10 measures passed include the support of resilient communities, stronger building energy codes, Tiger grants and improving infrastructure. The resolutions represent a powerful endorsement of support for implementing a sound sustainability agenda and were strongly supported and encouraged by AIA and USGBC, which are working together to advance local green building policy as part of their six-year strategic alliance, the organizations say.

The resolutions that passed this week include:

  • #9 Wellness in Real Estate, which commits to promoting buildings that “use a combination of criteria and features that will enhance the well-being of occupants and address growing preventable health concerns and costs;”
  • #19 Transit-oriented Development as an Economic Growth and Economic Development Strategy;
  • #29 Supporting and Advancing Resilient Communities, which commits to “support efforts by communities across the nation to advance sound resiliency policies and programs that (1) identify and plan for the risk and challenges posed by a changing climate, (2) deploy a skilled workforce to modernize critical infrastructure in the energy, communications, buildings, water, and transportation sectors, (3) strengthen the community as a whole to be a safer, healthier place to live;”
  • #38 Support to Double the Nation’s Energy Productivity;
  • #42 Endorsing the Maximum Achievable Building Energy Efficiency Improvements in the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code;
  • #50 In Support of the renewal of the Federal Brownfields Tax Deduction;
  • #82 In Support of the Federal Historic Tax Credit;
  • #95 In Support of a Strong American Infrastructure, which commits to support “efforts by Congress, the Administration, and State governments to upgrade, expand, and strengthen American infrastructure by making the appropriate financial investments and by partnering and coordinating with local governments and stakeholders;”
  • #97 In Support of Tiger Grants; and
  • #98 A New Era for Urban Streets and Urban Infrastructure.