Water management technologies and services in intelligent buildings examined by Navigant Research

by Brianna Crandall — November 7, 2016 — A recent report from Navigant Research examines the landscape for water management technologies and services in intelligent buildings, including global market forecasts for revenue, through 2025.

Investment in water management delivers economic and sustainability benefits, but the pace and scale of adoption currently varies significantly by region and customer sector, points out the report. Navigant Research identifies three technology categories — software and services, water efficient plumbing, and irrigation management — and how the different solutions can help meet the needs of commercial buildings globally.

According to the report, North America and Europe are expected to account for over 90 percent of investment in water management solutions through 2025.

Casey Talon, principal research analyst with Navigant Research, commented:

Water scarcity and climate change pressures are the foundational needs that should drive demand for solutions to water management in commercial buildings. However, artificially low prices relative to resource costs — among other market forces — have thus far limited the development of a commercial building water management market.

Advocates have struggled to drive more investment in efficiency technologies and the adoption of intelligent building solutions when it comes to water use, notes the report. However, as corporate sustainability initiatives increase, intelligent building solutions vendors are beginning to showcase more comprehensive tools, including those created especially for water conservation and management.

The report, Water Management in Intelligent Buildings, explores the opportunities and challenges related to deploying technologies and services for water management in the intelligent building. The study examines the major market dynamics shaping the adoption of water management solutions at the macro level, as well as by customer sector (building type) and region.

Global market forecasts for revenue, broken out by customer sector, technology segment, and region, extend through 2025. The report also examines the key technologies related to water management in intelligent buildings, as well as the competitive landscape. An Executive Summary of the report is available for free download on the Navigant Research Web site.