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July 2016

Show us what you’ve got (Magazines » FM World)
FM careers: The need for a portfolio career, showing as comprehensively trained and communications-savvy; results from BIFM 2016 Pay & Prospects survey

May 2016

Human touch (Magazines » FM World)
How human contact from co-working pays dividends
by Anna King

April 2016

‘Getting’ Carter (Magazines » FM World)
How savings can be made through collaboration and standardized FM procurement procedures
by Nick Martindale

A lighter footprint (Magazines » FM World)
Adoption of 100% renewable energy proves worth of carbon offsetting
by Suresh Kumar

March 2016

Smart city cyber security (Magazines » FM World)
Unprecedented levels of cyber security threats come with smart cities, along with many economic opportunities
by Nicolas Reys

Quest for perfection (Magazines » FM World)
How the FM can play a more active role in quality management
by Nick Martindale

February 2016

Futures shock (Magazines » FM World)
FM is at a point in time where it can have a fundamental impact on its own workers and the people housed; see what the experts say
by The FM World Team

The country files (Magazines » FM World)
Satisfying the needs of stakeholders who work out of the big city
by Duncan Glen

January 2016

Easily LED? (Magazines » FM World)
LED lighting technology is set to replace conventional tungsten and fluorescent lighting: Reduce energy AND help the climate
by Brian Teale

December 2015

Connect and communicate (Magazines » FM World)
How BIM can transform the way we design, construct and manage buildings
by Richard Byatt

November 2015

In full flight (Magazines » FM World)
The fascinating story of how a teenage apprentice rose to head of FM at one of the world's largest airports and was named FM-of-the-Year
by Martin Read

October 2015

Supporting the gene geniuses (Magazines » FM World)
How the role of the FM changes when working with laboratories and scientists
by Rob Farman

Pay It Forward (Magazines » FM World)
Research shows that FM can be a value driver, not a cost burden
by Daniel von Felten, Manuel Böhm and Christian Coenen

September 2015

Activity-based pros and cons (Magazines » FM World)
Activity-based offices require managers capable of imposing strong user discipline
by Iris de Been, Marion Beijer, Dorieke den Hollander

June 2015

Health and Efficiency (Magazines » FM World)
Greater workplace productivity does not have to rule out energy savings
by Andrew Cooper

May 2015

April 2015

Central Intelligence (Magazines » FM World)
How the data centre and FM teams need to work together to minimize risk and maximize functionality
by David Cameron

March 2015

In the frame (Magazines » FM World)
Developing your innovation management handbook: How to ensure that innovation is part of the day-job for the FM
by Dr Anna Walker

February 2015

Natural selection (Magazines » FM World)
What to do when there is little-to-no natural light in an office environment
by Paul Reynolds

A city of ruin (Magazines » FM World)
How Christchurch, New Zealand's facilities managers coped with a major earthquake in 2011
by Herpreet Kaur Grewal

Cleaning with chemicals (Magazines » FM World)
How toxic are cleaning supplies and is there a safer alternative?
by Jamie Harris

January 2015

A long-distance run (Magazines » FM World)
The story behind the unique experience of Paul Emmanuel, who was brought on to manage the buildings for the 2012 London Olympics in 2005 and then closed everything down in 2014.

How to finance a fit-out (Magazines » FM World)
See when it makes sense to rent instead of buy office furniture and interiors

November 2014

The soft sell (Magazines » FM World)
Issues related to the handover of a building project to its occupiers once it is complete: The role of the FM.

Bearing sustainability (Magazines » FM World)
Taking the sustainable workplace from a concept to a practical reality
by Elisabeth Jeffries

October 2014

Military precision (Magazines » FM World)
Do ex-service personnel make some of the best FMs? An interesting case is made!
by Kevin Stanley

September 2014

Who goes there? (Magazines » FM World)
Security and visitor management systems: why one needs more than pen-and-paper badge systems
by John Hinde

A sense of ownership (Magazines » FM World)
In-house or outsourced FM services: Commercial and personal ramifications
by Nick Martindale

Engaging the client (Magazines » FM World)
Why client relationships work better when the service provider evaluates the client as well as the other way around
by Martin Read

August 2014

Shift up a gear (Magazines » FM World)
Shift management software can help you make optimal use of your FM teams by automating the most complicated tasks, balancing your staff's strengths with your clients' need and your company's service objectives
by Philip Antoniou

FM’s trust dividend (Magazines » FM World)
Recent research suggests that a client's confidence in its facilities services department and its FM service providers can generate an invaluable "feel-good" factor
by Martin Read

July 2014

Colt status (Magazines » FM World)
What went behind the decision to centralize FM not only across company facilities in one country, but multiple ones
by Martin Read

The heat is on (Magazines » FM World)
Demand for environmentally responsible building materials is growing and innovative manufacturers are responding
by Elisabeth Jeffries

June 2014

Safe and sound (Magazines » FM World)
Business continuity should include a security strategy that addresses both online and physical security needs
by David Thorp

Acting up (Magazines » FM World)
How FM providers can measure the effectiveness of their social value initiatives
by Nick Martindale

May 2014

Summer seasonal pests (Magazines » FM World)
What FMs have to know about keeping those insects in check
by Richard Moseley

Creative Energy (Magazines » FM World)
European businesses are being targeted to be more conscientious about saving energy — and FMs may be its shock troops

April 2014

The Generation Game (Magazines » FM World)
How the FM must transform the workplace to accommodate four generations of workers equally productive
by Kevin Stanley

Gone in 60 seconds (Magazines » FM World)
Issues in specifying the most effective evacuation solution for a building, including taking into account new European standards

March 2014

Estates of mind (Magazines » FM World)
Challenges for managing academic facilities through a business world perspective
by Ricky Taylor