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If you’re looking for safe, durable furniture, check for products listed in the new BIFMA Compliant database

See how Archibus is rebranding and positioning its IWMS software to support today's more people-centric work environments

UHN exhaust fans with VFDsFind out why a large hospital network chose this smart exhaust fan application to reduce its energy costs and improve IAQ

Find out the latest in the design and use of HVAC systems, with ASHRAE’s 2019 HVAC Applications Handbook

See how a new lighting system can collect data about your building to help you gain insight on facility and energy use

To boost perimeter security, Avigilon’s high-res thermal camera can help you see more detail from greater distances — even in complete darkness

Find out how these organizations met their energy and water goals; DOE announces waste reduction pilot

If you’d benefit from advanced workplace analytics, IWMS/CAFM leader FM:Systems’ acquisition of Rifiniti should help

Need help combatting rising energy costs and grid outages? See why companies are turning to these smart energy storage systems

How can you move your small to medium-sized office building to “zero energy”? This industry guide provides a pathway

LG’s smart lighting control system offers FMs on-the-go monitoring and control, with simple setup

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Realizing the employee experience: Design strategies to improve the employee experience

Solar energy
What the FM needs to know about the various types of solar energy and when to use which one

Benchmarking security – Using best practices to improve performance

Benchmarking laundry
Using benchmarks to improve laundry operations and costs

The AACEM/ISSA autonomous cleaning survey
Adoption and perception of the emerging robotics industry for cleaning

The evolution of robotics
Floor cleaning equipment is moving from rare to mainstream

Preserving ancient artifacts
How museums use advanced technologies to protect collections, staff and visitors

The unforeseen benefit of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
The role of water in today’s global economy, and why its conservation is of paramount importance.

White Paper

flow schematicEliminating and preventing scale in your cooling water systems
Chemical-free approach to saving energy and water while reducing scale in cooling water systems

Stopping the big bad wolf
Developing a holistic visitor security system for today’s needs

Know your competition—What you can learn from other property managers who lease space in their buildings

Preparing for the effects of climate change
Reducing the risks associated with extreme weather events

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Jul 30 - Aug 2 : CFTA’19 (campus FM technology)

Aug 12 - Aug 15 : ACEEE 2019 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry

Aug 20 - Aug 22 : Energy Exchange 2019

Aug 20 - Aug 23 : National Ergonomics Conference and ErgoExpo

Aug 21 - Aug 24 : EXCHANGE 2019, AHE Conference & Solution Center (healthcare environment)

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