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3 ways for FMs to celebrate Earth Day with more sustainable practices, from BOMA

Waste recycling infographic5 waste management trends in smart buildings

If your company needs more space, see when adaptive reuse makes more sense than building new

Need wireless charging for a variety of devices? This near field transmitter enables devices to charge automatically as soon as they are within range

Gain insights into today’s energy-saving, sustainability and space-usage trends from AIA’s 2018 library and education facility awards

Find out what FMs can do to help combat an increasing number of antibiotic-resistant superbugs

If you’d like insights from drones, check out this aerial data service before you invest in an in-house program

Looking for real-time space-utilization and asset usage data collected by sensors? Check out this new IoT platform

See how this new efficiency-as-a-service (EaaS) financing model can accelerate portfolio-wide energy upgrades

Does your school system need help to upgrade security technology and equipment? This new law may help with funding for it

Watch out for weeds! NALP lists the Top 10 US cities expected to have the worst landscaping woes in 2018

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A touchy subject
Discover a new coating to fight off bacteria from touchscreens

Sensored change
Electronic feedback from everything from paper towel dispensers to robotic scrubbers leads to savings and satisfied building occupants

Green cleaning: Winning millennials hearts
Workforce retention and the role of green cleaning

Environmental compliance audits—What the facilities manager needs to know

Benchmarking utility costs for service providers

New is no guarantee – Why workplace transformation projects don’t achieve benefits

It saves to pave: An ounce of prevention saves your asphalt asset

Weathering the storm: How facility executives can leverage advanced weather data

CEOs and CFOs describe the impact of workplace strategy on business results

Support native vegetation while reducing building management costs  

Designing a pest management program

White Paper

Fine tune every part of the workplace to people's needs and get better results
See how a more holistic approach to workplace planning can improve productivity for your business

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