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Find out how many US corporations are buying off-site, large-scale renewable energy

How do your retail maintenance and operations spend compare to those at other locations?

ALICE kiosk configurationSee how this receptionist software update incorporates many security features and compares visitors to external databases, while still serving as a visitor management system

A recycling bin with automatic sorting — see how using AI can reduce recycling confusion as well as contamination fines

Green cleaning, automated cleaning devices, and more — the latest trends in contract cleaning services

How do your city’s office vacancy and rental rates compare to those of other US cities?

See how Enlighted’s lighting-connected IoT sensor lets you upgrade to keep up with new capabilities as IoT technology advances for multiple building systems

If you need technology to centralize IT access for a coworking space, see what Yardi’s acquisition can do for you

Learn how lighting solutions in sync with occupants’ daily rhythms can improve health and performance, in this Navigant report

You won’t believe how much water can be saved by changing your irrigation spray heads — see what Toro has come up with

See how this new light-powered wireless control can put an end to office thermostat wars

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The Economics of sustainable facilities – Why making buildings last longer may be the most sustainable thing to do

Workplace resilience when a disaster strikes—Strategic questions to keep the workplace productive
Aligning your workplace strategy with your business resilience plan; a checklist in the event your site must be shut down

Standard operating procedures for ductwork systems
Reduce energy costs and streamline operations at little-to-no cost of capital funds, depending on the ductwork system you have

Figure 1 – Total utility cost per GSF Filter: Type of facility (Office) Provided courtesy of FM BENCHMARKINGBenchmarking utility costs for service providers – Part 2
Using best practices to drive utility costs downward

How to maximize your productivity and minimize your spend on cleaning

A touchy subject
Discover a new coating to fight off bacteria from touchscreens

Case Study

Grand Central Terminal installs commercial hand dryers, resulting in major cost savings
Reduced labor, maintenance, waste and energy are the result of installing automatic hand dryers in Grand Central Terminal

Sensored change
Electronic feedback from everything from paper towel dispensers to robotic scrubbers leads to savings and satisfied building occupants

Green cleaning: Winning millennials hearts
Workforce retention and the role of green cleaning

Environmental compliance audits—What the facilities manager needs to know

Benchmarking utility costs for service providers

New is no guarantee – Why workplace transformation projects don’t achieve benefits

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