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Learn about the impact from uncertainties and risk when planning a new project, with this new planning guide from Dodge

Find out how this new IoT solution allows technicians to monitor and diagnose building equipment remotely and avoid breakdowns

Furniture collectionNeoCon 2018: Steelcase’s award-winning furniture collection features a height-adjustable cantilever worksurface for both focused work and collaboration

NeoCon 2018: Maximize wall space while adding a dry-erase surface — check out Clarus’s award-winning solution

See how this new smart-tinting glass offers near-immediate relief while preserving architectural elements on a large-scale renovation

What is driving the global FM market and who are the key players? See what this research found

The restroom of the future? View the prototype this research group designed to make restrooms accessible to all people

NeoCon 2018: Movable walls for open floorplans, and integrated technology solutions and services — see Herman Miller’s latest offerings

NeoCon 2018: Power supply where it’s needed, with minimal cable clutter — see the new Dekko/ECA power solutions

See how Esri’s new interactive indoor mapping tool can be used to navigate, schedule and coordinate space and resources

Get the scoop on green leases, and see which companies are using them successfully

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Trend in Formalization of Alternatives Workplace ProgramsWanna take a load off your facilities manager? Formalize how, when, and where your people work
How to develop policies for telework, mobile work, unassigned desks and activity-based working

White Paper

Fine tune every part of the workplace to people's needs and get better results
See how a more holistic approach to workplace planning can improve productivity for your business

Staff development and training
What you need to know to bridge the gap between employee education / experience and changing job requirements

Benchmarking maintenance best practices – Part 2

A new model of design for all projects
The integrative design process engages all stakeholders and results in more cost effective designs that support the vision of the client

Choosing a method for project delivery
When to use design-bid-build, design-build, construction management-at-risk, and multiple prime contracts approaches

Responsible recycling
How facilities can react positively to the China recycling ban—lessons to be learned for all who recycle

Vapor intrusion: Dangers, the EPA and potential liabilities

The FAQs on CMMS
How to find the right maintenance management system

Benchmarking utility best practices to reduce utility consumption
How to apply benchmarking to identify the best practices most likely to reduce utility consumption in your building

Talent: Commercial real estate’s other sustainability issue
Find good candidates for jobs through an industry pipeline from colleges and outside industries

The economics of sustainable facilities – Why making buildings last longer may be the most sustainable thing to do

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Jul 14 - Jul 18 : SCUP Nashville 2018 Conference (higher education planning)

Jul 15 - Jul 18 : ASHE Annual Conference and Technical Exhibition (healthcare FM/engineering)

Jul 31 - Aug 3 : Campus FM Technology Conference 2018

Aug 3 - Aug 5 : APPA 2018: Annual Conference and Exhibition (educational facilities)

Aug 12 - Aug 17 : ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings 2018

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