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Find out how these organizations met their energy and water goals; DOE announces waste reduction pilot

If you’d benefit from advanced workplace analytics, IWMS/CAFM leader FM:Systems’ acquisition of Rifiniti should help

NantEnergy zinc-air SmartStorage energy storage systemsNeed help combatting rising energy costs and grid outages? See why companies are turning to these smart energy storage systems

How can you move your small to medium-sized office building to “zero energy”? This industry guide provides a pathway

LG’s smart lighting control system offers FMs on-the-go monitoring and control, with simple setup

From disaster recovery and restoration to integrated facility services, see how ISS is creating high-functioning environments for two European organizations’ facilities across 9 countries

Think your rent is high? Compare these prime office occupancy costs around the world, still topped by Hong Kong and London

Don’t let critical maintenance activities get lost in the shuffle — this software can help multiple-building campuses keep on track

Find out how this data center cooling technology can reduce expenses and even shrink your footprint — without the risk of IT meltdown

What percent of the time do employees wish to work remotely? And how can your office layout help them be more productive?

For inspecting a clogged drain, RIDGID’s data-enabled camera gives a clear image far down the pipe

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Solar energy
What the FM needs to know about the various types of solar energy and when to use which one

Figure 1 – Security Cost per GSF Filters: Type of facility: office Provided courtesy of FM BENCHMARKINGBenchmarking security – Using best practices to improve performance

Benchmarking laundry
Using benchmarks to improve laundry operations and costs

The AACEM/ISSA autonomous cleaning survey
Adoption and perception of the emerging robotics industry for cleaning

Case Study

How this high school created a better learning environment with color
Staff and students report feeling more creative, innovative, and productive

The evolution of robotics
Floor cleaning equipment is moving from rare to mainstream

Preserving ancient artifacts
How museums use advanced technologies to protect collections, staff and visitors

The unforeseen benefit of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
The role of water in today’s global economy, and why its conservation is of paramount importance.

Stopping the big bad wolf
Developing a holistic visitor security system for today’s needs

Preparing for the effects of climate change
Reducing the risks associated with extreme weather events

Building the business case for green
And don’t forget the soft solutions, such as client engagement and satisfaction

Will facility managers still exist in 2030?
Can we fend off the march of the robots and artificial intelligence?

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