NeoCon 2020: As a longer-term solution to protect workers, these easy-to-disinfect desk partitions come in a multitude of styles

by Brianna Crandall — July 24, 2020 — As partitions become a workplace necessity to provide healthy separation of workstations, award-winning materials manufacturer 3form has created a line of desk partitions that not only provide a surface that is made to withstand the demands of everyday use and rigorous cleaning, but an office addition that enhances the workplace through beautiful design.

3form Varia desk partitions

Varia desk partitions are made of a durable, sustainable resin that is half the weight of glass but has 40x the impact strength, with a strong fire rating. Image courtesy 3form

3form says the partitions’ easy-to-install hardware leaves no damage to the desktop when the partitions are removed.

The translucent desk partitions utilize Varia, a durable, architectural-grade resin. Varia contains 40% pre-consumer recycled content, is GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality Certified, weighs half as much as glass while having 40x the impact strength, carries a strong fire rating, and comes with a Declare label, says 3form.

The partitions are available in several levels of division, from a full wraparound to a smaller, centered screen.

3form Varia desk partition and hardware

Easy-to-install hardware reportedly leaves no damage to the desktop when the partitions are removed. Image courtesy 3form

Varia is designed to be easily disinfected and chemical-resistant, while able to enhance a space and match any aesthetic or brand with its multitude of pattern options, including handcrafted artisan designs, biophilic interlayers, rich and modern textiles, digitally printed imagery, and 250 different colors.

3form’s desk partitions can be incorporated into an existing office setup with minimal disruption to the layout, offering a significantly more attractive and permanent solution than temporary plastic screens, says the company. Varia’s translucency allows for light transmission that can be adjusted based on pattern selection, creating customizable levels of privacy.

Lead time varies depending on quantities ordered, says 3form; length and shapes of desk partitions are customizable based on the desks they are made to retrofit.

For more information, visit the Desk Partition and Varia pages on the 3form website.