If you need to block computer screens from unauthorized viewing, yet allow quick collaboration, see 3M’s easy-to-switch privacy filter attachment

by Brianna Crandall — November 8, 2019 — Companies can protect sensitive information displayed on laptops and ease worker collaboration using the new COMPLY attachment system from global technology innovator 3M. It allows workers to quickly flip up a privacy filter to share their laptop screen with coworkers and then back down to protect their screen’s privacy.

A durable hinge system virtually eliminates the need for workers to remove privacy filters every time they share their screens. This can help reduce that hassle for workers who have highly collaborative jobs and help them follow their internal data security policies to protect against visual hacking of sensitive information by nearby workers or visitors.

3M COMPLY privacy filter attachment

3M’s COMPLY privacy filter attachment enables workers to comply with data protection requirements to prevent visual hacking, yet easily flips up for collaboration. Image courtesy 3M

Privacy filters from 3M Display Materials and Systems Division help secure personal and confidential data displayed on screens by blacking out content from unauthorized side views, allowing workers to remain compliant with company privacy policies.

Jessica Walton, global business manager, 3M, explained:

Workers who frequently remove privacy filters can misplace them or stop using them, leaving information on their screens exposed to threats like visual hacking. The new attachment system makes it easier to switch laptop screens between “share” and “privacy” modes. Workers can go from collaborating with others to protecting information on their screens, and vice versa, with one quick flip.

The COMPLY attachment system uses a strong-holding hinge to securely adhere privacy filters to the top of a laptop. A small, side-mounted tab makes it easy to grab and flip the privacy filter without leaving fingerprints. The system is also easily visible on laptops to help information technology (IT) teams visually confirm that workers are using their privacy filters and following internal corporate policies on data protection.

The COMPLY attachment system is currently available with the latest privacy filters from 3M for a range of laptop models as well as sold individually to retrofit existing privacy filters.

3M offers a comprehensive line of screen privacy filters, available for most of today’s high-resolution monitors, laptops, tablets and smartphones, to protect sensitive information wherever it might be accessed. For more information, visit 3M’s Privacy and Screen Protectors / Visual Hacking webpage.