Adura Technologies’ wireless lighting controls help Oakland’s Kaiser Center curb energy waste

by Shane Henson — May 7, 2012—Wireless lighting controls and energy management systems provider Adura Technologies is steadily expanding its list of clients. The company recently announced that it added the 500,000-square-foot Kaiser Center Garage, one of the largest privately owned garages in Oakland, California, to the list of facilities under the control of its Wireless Lighting Control System. With the addition of Kaiser Center, Adura says it now has 67 customers and 96 deployments, with more than 6.5 million square feet under the control of the company’s Wireless Lighting Control System.

One of Oakland’s signature buildings, the Kaiser Center is a 28-story office tower served by an adjacent five-story, 1,339-space parking garage. The Swig Company, the building’s owner/manager, had long been looking for a way to cut down on energy waste in the garage without compromising illumination or patron experience.

The recently installed system is expected to save between 40 and 70% of the facility’s lighting energy use. Until the installation of the Adura system, the garage’s lighting had been completely uncontrolled, as the lights were constantly on.

Lighting control strategies for the garage include:

  • Task Tuning: Lights are task tuned to 70% when the space is occupied, and reduced to 20% when unoccupied or there is adequate daylight.
  • Daylight Harvesting: Adura’s system uses photocells that communicate through the wireless mesh network, controlling lights in the garage in response to changing light levels, and raising or dimming the lights as needed.
  • Occupancy Detection: The Adura system responds to the real-time use of the garages. Strategically placed occupancy sensors ensure that not only occupied areas are lit (as is the case with ordinary motion sensors), but areas ahead of pedestrian or vehicle traffic are illuminated as well. This predictive response is enabled by Adura’s intelligent networked solution.