Ever need to know an FM acronym or definition of a term? AkitaBox’s free pocket guide of FM terms can get you on track

by Brianna Crandall — June 5, 2019 — AkitaBox, a facilities management (FM) software company that works to empower building managers to make data-driven decisions, is now offering its free resource containing FM-related terms and acronyms, The Facility Manager’s Pocket Field Guide.

The Facility Manager’s Pocket Field Guide is a glossary updated for 2019 with over 230 entries. This year’s edition includes:

  • Common facilities management, budgeting, and operations terms and acronyms
  • Common building asset equipment names and acronyms
  • A list of common facility, operations, sustainability and safety-related associations

Whether you are new to the FM industry and need the inside terminology, or you are a veteran FM who wants to review or confirm the latest lingo, or you work closely with your organization’s facilities department and wish to learn more about commonly used terms, the new field guide can get you on track and keep the whole team on the same page.

The Facility Manager’s Pocket Field Guide is available as a free digital copy upon brief registration on the AkitaBox website. The company provides high-quality educational content (at no cost) that educates facility, maintenance, operations, information technology (IT) and finance teams to work together to achieve mutual organizational objectives.