See how this space utilization software analyzes big data to identify cost reductions, efficiency improvements and potential revenue streams

by Brianna Crandall — September 9, 2019 — Workplace software provider AlertEnterprise just announced the launch of its next-generation Workspace Intelligence, a software module designed to deliver essential space utilization insights to enterprise facility and corporate real estate (CRE) teams.

Workspace Intelligence software enables organizations to capture and measure building occupancy, utilization and optimization data to identify areas of cost reductions, efficiency improvements and potential revenue streams. Interactive dashboards, powerful reports and insightful alerts empower facilities managers (FMs) to plan and drive bottom-line results for the organization’s real estate portfolio.

Screenshot of AlertEnterprise's Workspace Intelligence space utilization software

Workspace Intelligence software captures and measures building occupancy, utilization and optimization data to identify areas of cost reductions, efficiency improvements and potential revenue streams. (Photo: Business Wire)

Based on AlertEnterprise’s powerful convergence platform, the software leverages big data, machine learning and predictive analytics to seamlessly aggregate and analyze data sources across Human Resources (HR), Information Technology (IT), Physical Access Control (PACS) and Facility Management (FM) systems.

As an example use case, integrated HR employee data reveals that one of two buildings in the same metropolitan area has a high percentage of telecommuting employees. With embedded PACS badge-swipe data, the organization can see that those employees are occupying the space only one to two days per week. The FM building data allows the company to view the capacity to support this workforce in the other building. With this correlated information, the FM can create a data-driven proposal to the organization to move this workforce to the other building and rent out the higher occupancy cost and underutilized space.

Yogesh Ailawadi, AlertEnterprise vice president of Product Management, remarked:

With tight budgets, limited fund allocation for expansion and minimal resources to plan, it is challenging for organizations to ensure that all facility workspaces are optimized correctly. AlertEnterprise Workspace Intelligence software will provide our customers the essential, data-driven tools they need to optimize their available space.

Designed to be flexible and secure, Workspace Intelligence offers both a software-as-a-service (SaaS) and on-premise platform. The company says it can be scaled easily to fit an organization’s utilization requirements — from a few floors to a national or global enterprise portfolio of facilities.

Jasvir Gill, AlertEnterprise founder and CEO, said the Intelligent Enterprise and digital workspace is a new trend that is on every organizational leader’s mind. Gill stated:

With today’s virtual offices and real estate prices, there’s never been a better time to assess whether you’re maximizing your real estate investments. With Workspace Intelligence software, we continue to rapidly expand our IT, physical and OT security convergence software platform value, making security a powerful business enabler.

The Workspace Intelligence software will be demonstrated in Chicago at GSX 2019 this week (September 10-12), and at SAP SuccessConnect in Las Vegas September 16-18.

AlertEnterprise software is designed to prevent insider threats, fraud, theft, sabotage and acts of terrorism by overcoming vulnerabilities and blended threats across information technology, operational technology (OT), physical access systems and industrial control systems. Purpose-built for protecting critical infrastructure in key sectors such as utilities, oil and gas, airports, federal agencies, financials, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, AlertEnterprise solutions deliver industry-specific situational awareness with continuous monitoring and incident management.