Ready to get rid of paper logbooks and long lines? These visitor kiosks can improve traffic flow and first impressions while mitigating risk

by Brianna Crandall — September 4, 2019 — Security management solutions provider AMAG Technology recently introduced its Symmetry GUEST visitor management family of interactive touch-screen kiosks. AMAG’s Symmetry Security Management Solutions are deployed across a wide variety of market segments from commercial to government, education, healthcare, banking, transportation, utilities and more.

AMAG Technology’s Symmetry GUEST Kiosks for visitor management

Symmetry GUEST interactive touch-screen visitor management kiosks streamline the reception area experience, enforce compliance and reduce operating costs. Image courtesy AMAG

Symmetry GUEST is designed to improve the visitor experience by automating all processes associated with the lifecycle of a visitor, streamlining the journey through the reception area, enforcing compliance and reducing operating costs.

Users can eliminate paper logbooks and create an audit trail to properly manage visitors. Kiosk setup is said to be fast and easy, as the software and hardware come pre-installed.

Jim Murray, AMAG Technology senior product manager, remarked:

End users will find Symmetry GUEST Kiosks improve visitor traffic flow and are a sleek and innovative addition to their lobbies, improving first impressions while mitigating risk.

The Symmetry GUEST Kiosks come in three main designs (Countertop, Slim Wall Mount and Freestanding) and two colors (white or black), with custom branding options, to best meet your visitor check-in requirements and lobby décor.

Countertop-style kiosks provide options for either unfixed (portable) or fixed (secure) mounting to a receptionist desk or check-in counter for easy access. Slim Wall Mount kiosks mount flush to the wall or glass and are suitable for either small lobbies or large, busy areas where multiple units are needed to efficiently check in a high volume of visitors. Freestanding kiosks come with or without cabinet and printer.

Custom branding options are available for all Symmetry GUEST Kiosks, enabling organizations to place their visitor check-in messaging and logo on the kiosk for increased visitor engagement.

For more information about AMAG Technology’s Symmetry GUEST Kiosks, visit the company’s website. AMAG manufactures open solutions that include access control, visitor management, identity management, command and control, video management, intrusion management, and incident and case management. Part of global integrated security company G4S, Torrance, California-based AMAG Technology provides sales and support throughout the Americas, EMEA, APAC and LATAM.