See how this IoT technology will alert MGM Bellagio staff to leaks and irregular water use in real time

by Brianna Crandall — December 12, 2018 — Apana, a Bellingham, Washington-based provider of automated water management for business, has partnered with MGM Resorts International on a water conservation program at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. WaterStart, a cluster of global leaders in the implementation of water innovation, connected the technology company with MGM and the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA).

This initial project involves connecting Apana’s Internet of Things (IoT) technology to the casino’s water network in order to provide real-time, actionable insight about leaks and irregular use to hotel facilities management (FM) staff through the company’s analytics software.

Apana’s IoT sensors and water meters will help MGM’s engineering team at the Bellagio gain understanding into operating efficiencies, provide asset protection, and enhance its commitment to conservation and sustainability.

MGM Resorts Vice President of Sustainable Facilities Chris Magee commented:

MGM Resorts is honored to partner with WaterStart on this pilot project with SNWA and Apana. This is an innovative project that will allow us to advance our existing water conservation initiatives significantly through a better understanding of exactly when, where and how much water goes through a multitude of individual systems in our facilities. It [complements] MGM’s recognized energy data analytics platform so that we can identify critical areas of water conservation by turning data into meaningful actions.

Apana and MGM have identified several critical areas within the Bellagio where opportunities may exist to increase water efficiency. These areas include hot water loops, cooling towers, pools and the iconic fountain. Apana has reportedly helped companies achieve water reductions of 18-25% in these types of systems in over 500 sites globally.

MGM Resorts Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer Cindy Ortega stated:

As a proud board member of WaterStart, this is an important pilot that aligns with MGM’s commitment towards sustainability. We look forward to seeing the data from this project with SNWA and Apana, which will give us insight on how to use water in much smarter and more innovative ways.

WaterStart helped bring Apana to Nevada with funding in part by SNWA.

WaterStart Executive Director Nate Allen remarked:

We are excited to see this collaborative effort taking place to prioritize water efficiency and conservation on the Strip. This project is the perfect example of the partnerships we aim to foster, bringing together water management agencies, technology companies and those in the private sector, to further water innovation activities in state.

The project includes a 36-month pilot study during which Apana’s meters and technology will collect, analyze and communicate water-use data. The system will alert facilities management to issues, providing real-time water use analytics for faster troubleshooting and resolution. Installation of Apana technology is complete, and monitoring is underway.

SNWA General Manager John Entsminger pointed out:

While the resort sector is among the most water efficient industries in Southern Nevada — consuming only three percent of our water supply while employing 22 percent of our local workforce — we are asking all sectors of our community to do more to conserve water. Resort properties have large, complex water systems, and insights gained from this pilot will help us to identify ways to further improve water efficiency and reduce demands.

Apana President Tom Doll added:

MGM Resorts is a leader in sustainability innovation, so our technology solution for water conservation was a perfect fit. Water is illusive [sic], even invisible, with management practices restricted to monthly bills only to discover extreme consumption after the fact. Illuminating use in real time and translating consumption data to actionable information alerts onsite staff and guides them to stop leaks, fix equipment, or correct operating processes before major waste or even damage occurs. Our system is designed to conveniently integrate with staff routines, making water conservation and the ability for large properties to truly manage water practical.

For more information about Apana’s water management technology and services, visit the company’s website. Apana’s IoT solution provides commercial and industrial businesses with detailed insight into their total water footprint, identifying process drift, mechanical malfunctions and failure points. Real-time, automated information empowers frontline operators with actionable information to address problems when they occur and to institutionalize best practices throughout the organization’s water processes. Companies use Apana intelligence to reduce both asset and compliance risk while strengthening operational sustainability practices.