In case of fire — see how these fire resistive door and window frames help block flames, heat and gases

by Brianna Crandall — September 25, 2017 — ASSA ABLOY hollow metal door and frame brands Ceco Door and Curries have partnered with safety glass manufacturer Vetrotech, a Saint-Gobain company, to offer E119 Fire Resistive Frame Solutions that meet International Building Code (IBC) requirements. The E119 significantly blocks the passage of flames, excessive radiant heat, and hot gases through transoms, sidelights, fire window frames, and window wall assemblies.

Interior window wall assemblies with fire resistive frames in a school

Interior window wall assemblies with fire resistive frames from Ceco Door

Nelson Kraschel, ASSA ABLOY, product manager, said:

We’re pleased to offer this new life-safety enhancement that plays a crucial role in keeping people out of harm’s way during a building fire. Designed for corridor and stairwell door assemblies in hotels, schools, entertainment venues, high-rises, multifamily housing facilities and other public buildings, this fire resistive frame assembly helps contain flames and radiant heat, mitigating injuries to people and damages to property.

This complete solution is the result of an exclusive agreement between ASSA ABLOY and Vetrotech fire-resistant safety glass manufacturer, for use of their Contraflam glass in E119 transoms and sidelights. According to ASSA ABLOY, Contraflam glass is the only glass used in the E119 product line because it contains an interlayer that becomes opaque in the event of fire and acts as a heat shield insulating against the fire.

The E119 Fire Resistive Frame Solution from Ceco Door and Curries has been tested and certified to ASTM E119, UL 253 and NFPA 251. It is engineered for applications where transoms, sidelights and window frames have a greater-than-45-minute rating, or where the glazed area exceeds 25% of the wall area. All frames are primed painted or prefinished enamel over galvanized, chemically passivized (GVGC) steel and can be fire rated up to and including three hours.

Product details are available on the Ceco Door and Curries Web sites.