Science fiction approaches reality, via autonomous robotic guards with embedded AI for improved situational awareness

by Brianna Crandall — April 3, 2017 — Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD), an innovator in artificial intelligence and robotics and master distributor for SMP Robotics Systems Corp.,  announced last week that it is advancing its complete line of autonomous robotic guards with the NVIDIA Jetson embedded artificial intelligence (AI) supercomputer said to be ideal for intelligent machines.

RAD robotic guard

Using NVIDIA Jetson, an embedded AI supercomputer, RAD mobile autonomous robotic guards can achieve higher levels of autonomy, while adding advanced people and vehicle detection.

Using NVIDIA Jetson, RAD robotics can achieve higher levels of autonomy, while adding advanced people and vehicle detection on the moving autonomous robotic guards for greater situational awareness on corporate, healthcare and education campuses, critical infrastructure, remote locations and more.

The new RAD product line-up offers global security teams situational awareness tools to deliver deployment flexibility and operational productivity. Using the Jetson platform’s high-performance, power-efficient supercomputing for deep learning and computer vision, RAD autonomous robotic systems can be more predictive, accurate, productive and easily reconfigured for a variety of tasks.

RAD will demonstrate new Jetson-powered vision capabilities on its autonomous robotic systems at the ISC West Conference and Expo, being held this week, April 5-7, in Las Vegas. Visit RAD at booth #3122 and NVIDIA at booth #20075.

Steve Reinharz, founder and CEO of RAD, stated:

By using the NVIDIA Jetson embedded platform, we can develop smarter autonomous robots that can learn from the environment around them to navigate safely, as well as identify and classify objects of interest, including cars and people. This innovation marks the next generation of robotics.

Murali Gopalakrishna, NVIDIA head of product management, added:

Today’s advanced robots can learn, adapt and evolve through the power of AI. Working with innovators like RAD, we’re driving new capabilities and benefits for autonomous machines.

For more information about the revamped autonomous robotic guards, visit the RAD Web site.