For state-of-the-art video analytics without replacing your whole security camera system, see this new AI appliance from Avigilon

by Brianna Crandall — September 7, 2018 — Avigilon Corporation, a Motorola Solutions company, recently announced the launch and pre-order of its new Avigilon Artificial Intelligence Appliance (AI Appliance), as well as the integration of Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software into Motorola Solutions’ CommandCentral Aware, and the addition of Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) technology video analytics to Avigilon’s entry-level H4 SL and H4 Mini Dome camera lines.

AI Appliance

The AI Appliance adds patented self-learning video analytics and Avigilon Appearance Search technology to almost any Internet protocol (IP) camera. When connected to Avigilon Control Center (ACC) software, customers can evolve legacy camera systems into powerful AI solutions — with automatic alerts of potentially critical events and the ability to search for and locate a person or vehicle of interest across an entire site.

Appliance and graphic analysis of 2 people

The AI Appliance enables customers to keep legacy camera investments while adding state-of-the-art Avigilon Appearance Search and video analytics technology. Image courtesy Avigilon

James Henderson, Avigilon’s president and chief operating officer (COO) pointed out:

The demand for video analytics is increasing globally, and we believe that all security systems will need to utilize this technology to become a proactive and, eventually, preventative solution. With the vast majority of legacy camera systems lacking the intelligence of analytics, the AI Appliance will provide more customers with the ability to use our advanced video analytics to dramatically change the way they interact with their systems.

Engineered for high performance, capacity and resiliency, the AI Appliance will be offered in two models and features leading CPU and GPU hardware that simultaneously support Avigilon video analytics and Avigilon Appearance Search technology.

The AI Appliance is now available for pre-order and is expected to ship in the third quarter of this year.

To learn more about the AI Appliance, visit the Avigilon website or booth 2037 at the Global Security Exchange (GSX) at the Las Vegas Convention Center, September 25-27, 2018, for a product demonstration.

Avigilon Control Center integrated into Motorola Solutions CommandCentral Aware

Avigilon also announced that Motorola Solutions is integrating Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software into its CommandCentral Aware to provide for the rapidly evolving needs of public safety.

Situational awareness room with multiple screens

CommandCentral Aware will bring the power of Avigilon advanced video and AI-based analytics to first responders. Image courtesy Avigilon

CommandCentral Aware is part of Motorola Solutions’ end-to-end suite of command center software that works together to seamlessly improve operations from the time a 9-1-1 call is placed to after an incident is resolved. With the integration of ACC, dispatchers and intelligence analysts will have one source for real-time intelligence that includes video feeds, incident details, alerts, data mapping and responder location.

With ACC’s AI-based analytics, intelligence analysts using CommandCentral Aware will be automatically alerted when unusual activities are detected. Less time will be spent monitoring video, and more time will be available to help first responders in the field, says Avigilon.

Avigilon adds Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) technology

Prior to that, Avigilon announced that it has extended its video analytics platform to the H4 SL and H4 Mini Dome camera lines with the addition of Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) technology, offering customers powerful artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities at an entry-level price point.

Avigilon adds Unusual Motion Detection technology on the H4 SL and H4 Mini Dome camera lines for powerful artificial intelligence capabilities at an entry-level price point. Image courtesy Avigilon

Without any predefined rules or setup, UMD technology continuously learns what typical activity in a scene looks like, and then detects and flags unusual motion. Through Avigilon Control Center (ACC) software, it allows operators to review large amounts of video faster by focusing their attention on the atypical events that may need further investigation.

All new H4 SL and Mini Dome cameras include UMD technology, which is supported by the upcoming release of ACC 6.10 video management software. A free firmware download is available for previously installed cameras.

To learn more about Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) technology, visit the Avigilon website.

Avigilon designs, develops, and manufactures video analytics, network video management software and hardware, surveillance cameras, and access control solutions.