Optimize your air quality through sensors that provide actionable insights

by Brianna Crandall — February 21, 2018 — Awair, the creators of products that track air quality in homes, has just launched Awair Omni, a new enterprise solution for tracking indoor air quality for facilities of all types. Omni features enterprise-grade sensors that track the key factors of air quality (Temperature, Humidity, CO2, Chemicals, and Fine Dust), and provides actionable insights that allow businesses to create healthy, productive environments for their employees and customers. Omni can be ideal for offices, facilities, schools, hotels, hospitals and those who are in need of a solution to control the health of their air and make it conducive for increased productivity, safety, wellness and performance.

Air quality sensor unit mounted on office wall

Awair Omni features enterprise-grade sensors that track the key factors of air quality; it then provides actionable insights. Photo from Awair

Air quality is a growing concern for businesses as pressure mounts to conform to WELL, LEED, and RESET building health standards. Indoor air quality, which can be five times more polluted than outdoor air quality, has been linked to the occurrence of allergies, headaches, inability to focus, and much more. Research from the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health indicates that by improving air quality, businesses can not only see increases in productivity, but revenue as well by up to $15,500 per employee annually.

Awair founder Ronald Ro remarked:

As a business owner, I know how necessary a healthy work environment is to our company’s success. If businesses want their employees to thrive, air quality is factor they need to address, and Omni is the perfect solution for that.

Awair developed Omni following a demand from businesses looking to extend the capabilities of Awair’s in-home air quality monitors to their facilities. Omni was designed with a more industrial aesthetic, borrowing from the award-winning designs of the original Awair and Glow, and has been outfitted for increased accuracy, durability, and reliability. Omni features a touch-sensitive LED display, can be mounted on a wall or stand, and includes a battery back-up to prevent loss of data.

Screenshot of Omni air quality dashboard

Omni’s business dashboard allows for the management of hundreds to thousands of individual Omnis in a facility. Photo from Awair

Omni’s business dashboard allows for the management of hundreds to thousands of individual Omnis in a facility. The dashboard provides analytics of both the building’s overall air quality as well as individual rooms’. Data history can be easily accessed and exported, which is especially helpful for building owners aspiring to achieve LEED, WELL, or RESET certification. Customized alerts and notifications can also be set-up for when building conditions fall out of the desired air quality range.

Omni has been piloted by companies who have been recognized for their well-designed and employee friendly offices and facilities, including AirBnB, Google, Stanford University, Levi’s, and co-working spaces across the world.

Ro continued:

Our partners across the world continue to express how conscious they are about how air quality affects their employees, especially given all of the smog, wildfires, and other dangerous events that happened in 2017. With Omni’s capabilities and features, we’re able to provide a sophisticated solution that empowers business to create an environment that keeps employees healthy and productive.

Omni includes the following features:

  • Enterprise-grade sensors that track Temperature, Humidity, CO2, Chemicals, and Fine Dust
  • Intuitive business dashboard that can manage hundreds to thousands of units and deliver notifications, alerts, and analytics on air quality
  • Touch-sensitive LED display
  • Battery reserve in case of power loss
  • Wall mountable or stand
  • Two-minute setup

For more information about Omni, or to contact Awair to arrange a consultation and free trial for your facilities, visit the Awair for Business page on the company’s Web site.