Know where to go and what to do when there’s a maintenance or security incident; this software will help you

by Brianna Crandall — June 7, 2017 — AwareManager and Vizsafe recently announced a partnership to deliver more comprehensive venue security, safety and maintenance by integrating AwareManager’s facilities management (FM) and incident-tracking software with the Vizsafe Geoaware Services Platform.

Traditionally, venues have relied on radio communication, notepads and a central dispatcher in the control room to respond to reported incidents and issues. These multiple layers of communication inevitably add time onto the response window. In addition, first responders — whether they be staff, facility security and maintenance or public safety — often go into these situations with too little information about what they are facing.

Jeff Thompson, cofounder/CEO of AwareManager, explained:

Radioed incidents and paper reports eat up valuable time and leave out critical details needed for both responders and facility managers trying to analyze facility management and event data. By equipping these teams with mobile devices and real-time video, everyone involved has greater transparency into what’s happening.

AwareManager FM and incident-tracking software

AwareManager provides FM and incident-tracking software for recognized venues around the world across commercial and corporate real estate, healthcare and stadiums/arenas, including the World Trade Center in New York City, General Mills, and 12 of the top sports franchises in the world. With AwareManager, these venues can run all aspects of facilities management, staff/resource scheduling, incident tracking and end-to-end event management in one comprehensive platform.

Vizsafe Geoaware Services Platform

Vizsafe’s Geoaware Services Platform provides advanced functionality for security, safety and FM applications with incident management, visual communications, mobile reporting, mapping and permission-based sharing. Vizsafe’s patent-pending solution has been SAFETY Act Designated as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT) by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and is being used to protect some the world’s most complex and valuable facilities. According to the Web site, customers have lowered their risk profile, reduced manpower needs, eliminated communications hardware and cut insurance premiums.

Vizsafe empowers facility staff and external partners, including public safety and emergency management, by providing mapping (geolocation) and visual context (video and photos) of situations they are addressing, cutting response times and instantly logging those reports in AwareManager’s incident tracker. Any incidents reported via Vizsafe that require follow-up from the FM team automatically generate all needed work orders. This integration eliminates manual data entry and ensures that no critical information is lost in the shuffle.

Jim Nolan, SVP Gillette Stadium Operations, Finance and Administration, added:

By combining the power of AwareManager and Vizsafe, we can break down the walls between both our internal and external partners, and provide a better experience for our fans and staff alike.

Gillette Stadium using solution

Gillette Stadium, said to be the first New England venue to receive the Department of Homeland Security Safety Act Designation and Certification, uses the AwareManager-Vizsafe integration as a critical part of year-round facilities maintenance and incident management during games and major events. The stadium is the first Major League Soccer stadium and only the fourth NFL stadium to achieve this, notes AwareManager.

AwareManager has been the stadium’s facilities and incident management system since 2008. The stadium also uses Vizsafe to share video streams from more than 300 security cameras on the property through 10 private channels that are used daily and during events at the stadium, empowering internal departments, service providers and public safety agencies.

Vizsafe CEO Peter Mottur concluded:

When you’re tasked with protecting guest experience and the reputation of some of the world’s most valuable facilities, communications and information sharing are critical to improving response. The Vizsafe mobile platform, in conjunction with AwareManager, delivers a massive improvement in incident signal-to-noise ratio for facility security, safety and maintenance teams. Sharing geolocated incident reports is as simple as snapping a photo or video and hitting send to deliver real-time situational awareness for the exact people inside and outside of your organization who need to know what’s happening 24/7, including on game day.

For more information, visit the AwareManager Facility Management Systems Web page and the Vizsafe Geoaware Services Platform page.