Ensure worker safety and OSHA compliance with this handheld exhaust gas analyzer for forklifts and other machinery

by Brianna Crandall — January 10, 2020 — Bacharach, an international provider of gas detection and analysis instrumentation, just introduced the Monoxor XR (extended range) handheld exhaust gas analyzer for measuring CO (carbon monoxide) in ambient air or directly from the exhaust pipe of forklifts, floor burnishers or other equipment burning propane, gasoline, diesel, or CNG (compressed natural gas).

Bacharach Monoxor XR handheld exhaust gas analyzer

The Monoxor XR handheld exhaust gas analyzer measures CO in ambient air or from the exhaust pipe of forklifts, floor burnishers and other equipment; emissions reports can be sent through the app. Image courtesy Bacharach

The Monoxor XR enables safety and facilities managers (FMs) to verify worker safety and achieving compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) air quality regulations.

The gas analyzer can also be used for engine tuning and diagnostics, resulting in improved equipment efficiency and fuel savings.

The Monoxor XR provides visual and audible alarming for instant alerting of personnel to dangerous CO levels.

The expanded measuring range of 80,000 ppm allows technicians to test even the most poorly maintained equipment without risking damage to the gas sensor, says Bacharach.

The company’s Combustion mobile app allows the user to quickly and easily create and send customizable emissions reports from their smartphones or tablets.

A specialized exhaust probe kit is available for direct connection to various exhaust pipe designs, and a magnetic rubber boot is available to provide a non-slip, secure grip for hands-free testing.

The Monoxor XR employs Bacharach’s B-SMART sensor technology for pre-calibrated sensor replacement in the field — minimizing downtime, maintenance costs and overall cost of ownership.

For more information about the Monoxor XR exhaust gas analyzer, visit the Bacharach website. The company provides cleantech solutions for gas and refrigerant leak detection and identification, refrigerant tracking, combustion and emissions analysis instrumentation, and high-purity oxygen gas analysis in commercial and industrial applications.

Bacharach products are designed to make the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC-R) and process industries safer, cleaner and more energy-efficient, enabling customers to increase productivity, reduce costs, and protect lives and the environment.