Bobrick offers line of gap-free privacy partitions for commercial restrooms

by Brianna Crandall — February 27, 2017 — Bobrick Washroom Equipment, a 100+-year-old global washroom accessory and toilet partition company headquartered in North Hollywood, CA, has just announced a complete offering of privacy partitions for commercial restrooms.

“We’re excited to provide architects and specifiers with a complete range of options that help users feel more comfortable in commercial restrooms and allow owners to serve increasingly discerning, diverse demographics,” says Roumany Samhakson, Bobrick’s partitions category manager.

In recent years, the topic of restroom privacy has gained national attention throughout North America, notes Bobrick. More and more businesses today are implementing inclusive, gender-neutral restrooms. More than 20 states have passed laws aimed at increasing access to restroom accommodations across social demographics. Today’s building owners and facilities managers also may desire added privacy to allow users to attend to personal health needs (such as insulin injections and incontinence) or simply for added peace of mind.

“Gaps have long been the top complaint about partitions,” points out Samhakson. “No matter where you stand on the issue of accommodation, architects today have a unique opportunity to cost-effectively address the increased demand for privacy through architectural specifications.”

Bobrick’s complete privacy-enhancing features include:

  • Interlocking design: Doors and stiles are manufactured with routed edges to provide an interlocking design that eliminates undesirable sightlines.
  • Maximum height design and hardware: Maximum-height privacy partitions typically comprise doors that are 72 inches (1830 mm) high, and panels with 4-5/16 inches (110 mm) floor clearance. (Custom-height doors and panels are available to meet project needs.)
  • Mounting options:  72-inch (1830-mm) door and panel option is available in all four configurations: floor-to-ceiling, overhead-braced, floor-anchored and ceiling-hung.

Samhakson notes that gap-free toilet partition systems — including Bobrick’s SierraSeries privacy partitions and DuraLineSeries phenolic partitions — are drawing increased interest for renovations and new construction, as they completely eliminate gaps between doors and stiles at the front of the stalls as well as between the stalls at the dividing panels. They also create clean, flush architectural styling across a series of panels.

“When looking to enhance restroom privacy or the overall user experience, partitions are a great place to start,” concludes Samhakson. “Combine practical implementation with a selection of economical and high-end design options, and you get a modern solution to a true 21st century design challenge.”

Visit Bobrick’s Toilet Partitions Systems Web page to find out more about its line of privacy partitions for commercial restrooms (see “Privacy Options” on specific product pages).