Bobrick’s automatic hand dryer offers high-speed, low-watt drying for high-traffic environments

by Brianna Crandall — November 10, 2017 — Bobrick Washroom Equipment has just announced the introduction of its new B-7125 InstaDry surface-mounted automatic hand dryer. The jet dryer for commercial restrooms functions at a mere 200 watts, says the company.

InstaDry surface-mounted automatic hand dryer

Bobrick’s new B-7125 InstaDry surface-mounted automatic hand dryer for high-traffic commercial restrooms functions at a mere 200 watts.

Nilo Yagana, accessories category manager, Bobrick, remarked:

InstaDry was designed to enable significant cost and consumables savings for anyone seeking a more economical, sustainable restroom. Whether you’re an architect looking to lower energy costs for your client or a building owner looking to eliminate paper towel waste, InstaDry delivers.

Suitable for high-traffic environments such as airports, stadiums and retail spaces, InstaDry supports the high-speed hand-drying experience that today’s patrons expect, at a low operating cost.

InstaDry’s estimated life expectancy is more than 7,500 hours, or 10 years in high-traffic environments.

The hand dryer’s sleek, distinctive design features a curved stainless steel cover with a satin-finish vertical grain. To enable ADA-compliant design, the unit projects no more than 4” from the wall. An infrared sensor facilitates automatic operation, with automatic shutoff after 85 seconds.

For more information about the InstaDry hand dryer, visit the Bobrick Web site.

Bobrick is a 100+ year-old global washroom accessory and toilet partition company headquartered in North Hollywood, CA, with six manufacturing divisions across the United States and Canada and business operations that extend into 100 markets worldwide.