Learn to optimize your HVAC system to save energy with BOMI’s new online course

by Brianna Crandall — April 24, 2017 — To celebrate its 47th anniversary on Thursday, BOMI International, a nonprofit providing education for property, facilities and building systems management, released its new high-performance HVAC optimization learning program, covering heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems.

High-Performance Sustainable Buildings: HVAC Optimization consists of five scenario-based online modules focused on the relationship among the facilities manager, building tenants, and systems maintenance personnel. BOMI International’s new program was developed using the latest instructional design techniques, using animated, real-life scenarios to provide learners with immediately applicable learning opportunities.

The content covers a wide range of topics important to ensuring the most efficient operation of HVAC systems year-round while taking into consideration people, profits, and the planet. Concepts include: best practices for operations assessments, demand response strategies, the use of analytics tools, and procedures for engaging third-party support.

Detailed examples are provided to demonstrate the importance of monitoring ventilation rates and economizer functionality, as well as employing a variety of system resets to save energy, lower costs, and increase occupant comfort.

This newest addition to BOMI International’s catalog of high-performance sustainability training was made possible by a financial grant from Yardi, a provider of innovative software solutions for the real estate industry.

Jeffrey Horn, president and CEO of BOMI International, commented:

Yardi challenged BOMI International’s Learning and Development team with designing a program that sets the standard for online, interactive training related to HVAC operations. I strongly believe we have accomplished that mission, and thank Yardi for the opportunity to stretch our capabilities.

Matt Eggers, vice president of Yardi Energy, added:

Yardi supports the development of high-performance buildings and sustainability initiatives that positively impact real estate and the environment. We are excited to support BOMI International’s efforts to merge technology advances and energy insight into new best practices that benefit the industry. The new HVAC Optimization learning program gives stakeholders in commercial property management new tools for increasing energy efficiency.

For more information about the program, and free access to the first learning module, visit the High-Performance Sustainable Buildings: HVAC Optimization page on the BOMI Web site.