Find out how you can save time, money and the environment by renovating your worn resilient floor instead of replacing it

by Brianna Crandall — November 6, 2019 — Bona US, a global, sustainably driven company that supplies products for installing, renovating, maintaining and restoring premium floors, recently unveiled the Bona Commercial System Resilient Floor Renovation Solution, which is part of the Bona Commercial System suite of offerings. Bona says it is the first to offer a full system of resilient renovation and maintenance products that empowers facilities to renovate rather than replace worn resilient floors.

Dave Posey, national sales manager, Facility Solutions, pointed out:

Current methods for resilient floor renovation are toxic, messy and time consuming. On top of that, the process typically needs to be repeated, sometimes up to twice a year. This new solution gets facilities back up-and-running in less time, with fewer resources and minimal environmental impact.

Resilient floors, which include vinyl composition tile (VCT), sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl tile (LVT), linoleum and rubber, are frequently found in hospitals, schools, retail stores and other large commercial locations. Traditionally, when these surfaces become worn, dirty or outdated, facilities either initiate a time-intensive process of stripping the floor then adding a layer of volatile organic compound (VOC)-intense polish, or the facility will tear out and replace the floors. This non-decomposable material mostly ends up in local landfills. Both processes are expensive and cause significant facility downtime, says Bona.

Posey continued:

Renovating resilient surfaces with the Bona Commercial System Resilient Floor Renovation Solution can cut labor and facility downtime in half. And with regular maintenance, the facility will never need to use the toxic floor-stripping product ever again. Best of all, we are keeping thousands of gallons of chemical waste out of waterways and millions of pounds of non-decomposable resilient material out of landfills.

With a focus on color transformation, the renovation solution is a quick, simple, six-part process. The first few steps entail removal of the existing layers of floor polish. Next, the original resilient surface is prepared for the base color and then the optional decorative color chips are added. The final step is a coat of the durable Bona Commercial System Resilient Floor Finish. Bona recommends its new hard-surface cleaner to care and maintain the floor, which it says will protect and extend the life of the floor.

For more information on the Bona Commercial System Resilient Floor Renovation Solution, visit the Bona website, and view the References page to see Bona’s gallery of resilient floor transformations. Products are available via select distribution; contact the Bona sales representative in your region.

Bona US is the North American subsidiary of BonaAB in Malmö, Sweden, dedicated to creating beautiful floors since 1919.