BSRIA launches best practice guide for maintenance contracts procurement

by Brianna Crandall — February 20, 2017 — U.K.-based building services and engineering consultancy BSRIA recently announced the release of its new Maintenance Contracts: A Guide to Best Practice for Procurement Guide.

This “go-to” guide is aimed at helping clients, facilities managers (FMs) and their organizations to understand better the key success factors in procuring maintenance contracts. It promotes cutting-edge tender processes and procedures, and supports the development of contract documentation.

There are different ways in which building maintenance can be carried out, including outsourcing and using in-house teams, points out BSRIA. Generally, maintenance operations use a “mix-and-match” service delivery vehicle.

This guide explains what is involved at each stage in the maintenance procurement process and provides a clear roadmap for minimizing risks and ensuring that value for money is being achieved. It covers the development of contracts and specifications for maintenance, the tendering process, and monitoring and control.

This publication is also available as part of the Building Maintenance Set (BFM5).

David Bleicher, Training and Publications manager, BSRIA, explained:

This guide is a general introduction to maintenance contracts and best practice for procurement. It explains how maintenance contracts should be let and what activities and methods can be used to achieve best practice with tendering. The guide emphasizes the importance of building positive working relationships between the client and the facilities management contractor.

Maintenance Contracts: A Guide to Best Practice for Procurement Guide (BG66/2016) is available to download from the BSRIA Web site or to purchase as a hard copy.