Expedite visitor access through lobby security systems with this SaaS app

by Brianna Crandall — August 7, 2017 — Security software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider Building Intelligence has just released the newest version of its SV3 Mobile application (app) with additional self-entry management services. The company’s award-winning SV3 family of solutions helps security practitioners and facility operators manage visitors, vehicles, and vendors. SV3 is available as an enterprise-ready solution that integrates into various physical access control systems. From lobby to loading dock, it provides the ability to process and report on visitor access.

 With new scanning technology, SV3 Kiosk can now read drivers licenses, government identity cards (IDs), and QR Codes. With the redesigned pre-registration solution, visitors can breeze through lobby security with their QR code, ready to go through the turnstile.

Building Intelligence released its latest version of SV3 Mobile in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The latest version includes NDA signature capture, watch list integration, check in with e-mail, and upgraded scanning features.

The signature capture supports various use cases that include signing NDA Terms and Conditions, and acknowledging Training and Safety Course. NDAs can vary depending on visitor type. The kiosk solution can be used on a PC all-in-one touchscreen, iPad, or Android Tablet. Included with the kiosk solution is a camera, a tenant directory, and if needed a driver’s license scanner.

Facilities managers (FMs) can manage their own watch lists for visitor access, with white list (VIP) or blacklist (Do Not Enter) designations. When a visitor checks in at a kiosk, their name is checked against those lists. If there is a match, the visitor is gently notified to go see security. The watch list match also sends an e-mail or text to the security management team notifying them there was a watch list check-in attempt.

The new additional kiosk option of checking in with e-mail supports the visitors that are scheduled, but cannot find their e-mail with QR code because either they deleted the e-mail by accident, the e-mail went to spam, or they cannot open the e-mail because do not have a smartphone. When checking in, the visitor’s e-mail will link the visitor to the invitation that was sent and check them in for the scheduled event.

The driver’s license scanner software can be added as a peripheral service or embedded in the tablet itself. Security officers, receptionists, and event managers may use the SV3 kiosk to manage pre-registered visitors, walk-ins, or just capture NDA signatures.

The new scanning feature is said to be faster, and can process driver’s licenses with the click of a button. According to CEO Jeffrey Friedman:

The latest version provides a lot of terrific options and serves to support various workflows. The NDA feature now supports multiple types of visitors and provides a comprehensive solution to mitigate and address risk. We are very proud that our product works on Android, iOS, and Microsoft. Our kiosk provides security personnel so many options to secure their lobby.

For more information about the new features in the SV3 solution, visit the Building Intelligence Web site.