Find out how to keep the “locker room smell” and harmful bacteria at bay with odor-reducing tips from Cintas

by Brianna Crandall — September 25, 2017 — School janitors work hard over the summer to ensure schools are clean and in top shape when students and staff return to school, as do custodians at other sports facilities and gyms whenever their facilities are unoccupied. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for students, athletes and other users to “stink up” the gyms and locker rooms once they return.

To help schools and other athletic facilities keep the “locker room smell” at bay, specialized workplace product and service provider Cintas Corporation offers tips to combat the spread of odor-causing bacteria.

John Engel, director of Marketing, Cintas, pointed out:

Locker room cleaning not only helps eliminate unpleasant odors, but it also helps to reduce the spread of bacteria and fungi caused illnesses such as athlete’s foot and ringworm. Effective cleaning, routine deep cleaning and adopting correct cleaning procedures can go a long way in maintaining a healthy locker room.

To reduce the likelihood for odor-causing bacteria to flourish in gyms and locker rooms, particularly in schools, Cintas recommends focusing on the following areas of a locker room:

  • Floors. Floors can become a breeding ground for bacteria, fungus and unpleasant odor due to the damp nature of most locker room floors. Perform regular floor deep cleans as well as routine daily cleaning using an effective cleaning solution, dilution, dwell-time and high-pressure steam to sanitize and remove the buildup and accumulation of dirt and grime.
  • Lockers. The mixture of humidity, soiled clothing and shoes left in lockers can quickly cause unpleasant odors. Have students remove soiled clothes and towels weekly, and conduct locker deep cleans with a microfiber cloth and a disinfecting cleaning solution to eliminate odor-causing bacteria growth.
  • Gym equipment. To limit the spread of odor-causing bacteria, encourage students to wipe down equipment using an effective cleaning solution after each use.
  • Restrooms. Offensive restroom odors are not only caused by frequent use, but also by bacteria buildup in clogged drains. Consider using air fresheners, urinal screens and restroom mats to stop these odors.

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