See how this sleek desk lamp not only eliminates messy cables and joints but keeps your devices charged

by Brianna Crandall — March 20, 2019 — Clean Light, a lighting design and manufacturing company, has just announced the launch of a brand-new product through Kickstarter’s online crowdfunding platform. Fresh off the company’s worldwide release of Boxlite, a lighting product developed to replace paraffin-based candles and oil lamps, Clean Light teamed up with lighting designer Jorgen Harrysson to create a unique minimalist desk lamp. “The Lamp” is designed to complement the devices on today’s desks.

Clean Light's The Lamp on a desk

The Lamp offers a minimalist aesthetic with reduced cabling and no joints, touch control, and fast Qi wireless and USB charging for all modern devices. Image courtesy Clean Light

Of the company’s recent Kickstarter Campaign, Clean Light CEO Torbjörn Johansson said:

The Lamp has a clean design without the messy cables and joints associated with most desk lamps. But then again, The Lamp is no ordinary desk lamp; it is designed for the modern workspace and to match perfectly with your up-to-date mobile gear.

On top of being an Apple MFi-approved accessory, The Lamp was designed to help redefine modern lighting solutions with the following unique selling points:

  • Minimalist design free from visible joints and cables
  • Apple MFi accessory
  • Touch control
  • User-friendly adjustable intensity and color temperature settings
  • Fast Qi wireless and USB charging for all modern devices
  • Four matte anodized finishes: Silver, Black, Gold and Rosegold
  • One-year warranty

For those interested in The Lamp, the first 100 backers on Kickstarter are promised a substantial discount on retail prices. To get more details on The Lamp and to view an introductory video, visit the Clean Light website.

Clean Light's The Lamp desk lamp in 4 colors

The Lamp comes in four matte anodized finishes: Silver, Black, Gold and Rosegold. Image courtesy Clean Light

Clean Light develops comfortable, easy-to-use and decorative lighting in brand-new formats. All products are designed in Europe using the company’s exclusive tools and patents and are delivered straight to customers across the globe from its new storage facility.