See how this award-winning security robot not only works in tandem with remote personnel, but can now open locked doors

by Brianna Crandall — June 28, 2019 — Cobalt Robotics, a manufacturer of intelligent security robots used to autonomously patrol indoor facilities, introduced at security show ISC West 2019 a new door integration that enables its security robots to open and then pass through a secured door without human intervention, which it says is a first for the industry.

Cobalt Robotics upright mobile security robot

Cobalt Robotics’ new door integration enables its security robots to open and then pass through a secured door without human intervention. Image courtesy Cobalt

Dr. Travis Deyle, CEO of Cobalt Robotics, stated:

This enhanced capability is a game changer in the security robot industry, as it enables robots to enter partitioned areas in a corporate office or manufacturing facility that would otherwise be difficult for the robot to access independently.

Security robots: the “missing piece” in comprehensive physical security

As security executives or facilities managers (FMs) integrate robots into their larger security programs, they are effectively strengthening the capabilities of the human security guard, among other deployments such as security cameras and access control systems, notes Cobalt. The company’s robots serve as a force multiplier, providing an additional set of eyes and ears after hours when a human security guard is more costly, thus optimizing scarce security resources and cost-efficiently bridging the gap for a comprehensive security program.

Dr. Deyle noted:

Our goal is to combine the best parts of machines (unwavering attention, perfect recall, and super-human sensing) with the best aspects of people (warmth, responsiveness, and adaptability) to create service robots that dramatically improve the quality of life for everyone and fundamentally redefine the modern workplace.

Cobalt’s Robots-as-a-Service model combines autonomous patrolling robots with highly trained remote personnel to provide a new level of situational awareness and real-time response, enabling organizations to provide a 24-hour security solution that complements existing security assets such as manned security guards and access control systems (ACS). The result is a highly effective security program with significant cost-savings and robots that remain up-to-date with the “latest and greatest” software, says the company.

Cobalt’s robots patrol the workplace, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to detect anomalies such as open doors, environmental risks or malicious intruders. Cobalt’s security specialists can then respond in real time to address any event, whether it’s related to security, facilities or customer service. This unique human-in-the-loop model has enabled Cobalt to position itself as a key player in the physical security arena.

Cobalt Access door integration and other features

Cobalt Robotics’ new door integration feature, Cobalt Access, is an innovation in physical security robotics that enables security professionals to more easily integrate security robots among another critical components of their security program such as access control systems.

Cobalt Access enables the security robots to enter areas in corporate offices or manufacturing facilities that would otherwise be prohibited by access control systems. Using a secured, wireless credential, the robot transmits a signal using either Bluetooth or RFID technology to use the door’s access control reader, telling it to open.

In addition to the Cobalt Access door integration capability, the security robots are equipped with more than 60 powerful sensors, including day-night cameras, thermal sensors, motion sensors and badge readers, which help detect anomalies and other risks that might not be detected by the human eye.

Cobalt’s robots also feature leak-and-spill detection technology to identify a leak or spill in a predefined area and then send the proper notification to a Cobalt Specialist.

Industry awards

Cobalt’s robots have been recognized as one of the most innovative products in the security industry. In 2017, it received the Judges Choice Award as part of the ASIS Accolades Award program, as well as the New Product Showcase at ISC West.

And at this year’s ISC West, the Security Industry Association (SIA) named Cobalt the 2019 winner in the “Unmanned” solutions category of the New Product Showcase Awards for the new door integration.

Cobalt Robotics also just announced that it has raised Series B financing intended for geographic expansion of services throughout the domestic United States.

For more information about Cobalt security robots or to read more about integrating robots into your security plan, visit the Cobalt website.

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