If you need more office space, the Coeo Space app now lists both move-in-ready and unfinished spaces

by Brianna Crandall — September 27, 2019 — Coeo Space, an innovative new tech-enabled commercial real estate marketplace, just announced its expansion to include listings for unfinished office space and new building development. Previously, Coeo Space focused on matching users to spaces that were move-in ready.

As Co-founder and CEO Sheila Samii Matuscak noted:

As we rolled out our initial platform, many landlords expressed that they would like to showcase their raw, vacant space for tenants that want to design and brand their space in addition to marketing their ready-to-go space. Expanding our catalog to include new building development and raw, designable spaces allows brokers and landlords to showcase all of their available space, not just what’s move-in ready.

Coeo Space provides a marketing platform that enables users to find, share, tour and book commercial spaces quickly and easily, using scientific algorithms to match users’ specific needs to the amenities offered at available spaces in the areas they select. The software then connects users directly to the host, where they can schedule a tour or book the space.

Industry veterans Kim Ford and Sheila Samii Matuscak developed the original Coeo Space technology as a response to clients’ need for a simple, transparent way to find and obtain office space. Initially, move-in-ready property was the hardest space to find in one place, note the founders.

Naomi Kent, president of In Touch US Inc., commented on the initiative:

We were able to find the ideal move-in-ready space for our new and growing North American headquarters in Chicago. While we’re thrilled with our current space, as we grow we’re excited about being able to compare our options including ready-to-design spaces.

The team quickly recognized that limiting the platform to move-in-ready spaces meant they were missing an essential segment of the commercial real estate market. Once again responding to the needs of clients, Ford and Matuscak took the next step: providing access to design-your-own spaces as well as those that are already finished.

With the addition of unfinished space to the platform, users get a more complete picture of availability, and are provided with different options in customization, all through the easy-to-use platform.

Bob Gillespie, executive director for REACH Commercial, stated:

Adding unfinished spaces to the Coeo Space platform is a game-changer for commercial real estate. We are very pleased to have Coeo Space as one of only six companies in NAR’s REACH Commercial Class of 2019. The teams’ dynamism and ability to act with agility in order to meet their customers’ needs shows they are poised for tremendous growth.

REACH is a real estate technology accelerator created by Second Century Ventures, a strategic technology investment fund backed by the National Association of Realtors, that leverages the association’s more than 1.3 million members and an extensive network of executives within real estate and adjacent industries. The REACH Accelerator program helps technology companies launch into the real estate vertical and its adjacent markets. The program provides education, mentorship and market exposure to one of the world’s largest industries.

The Coeo Space team is located in Pittsburgh, Chicago, New York City, and Phoenix. Coeo Space is currently active in more than 125 US cities and the UK, and growing daily.