Take a look at these lightweight floor planks and wall panels that rival the look and durability of poured concrete without the challenges

by Brianna Crandall — September 11, 2017 — Concreate, a manufacturer of innovative, lightweight concrete floor planks and wall panels, is introducing new colors to its collection, available this fall. Concreate invented and manufactures what the company says is a unique tongue-and-groove, lightweight flooring option that rivals the most pristine polished concrete or smooth poured concrete floor in design, ease of use and beauty — without the challenges of using concrete.

Showroom with concrete floor planks and wall panels

Concreate floors are designed to be architecturally versatile, lightweight, easy to install, low maintenance, and environmentally friendly (shown: Concreate’s Los Angeles showroom).

This new category of interior finish offers the contemporary look and durability of a concrete floor without the cost or challenges of pouring and finishing a slab of concrete. Concreate also makes wood plank flooring and concrete wall panels. Concreate floors are architecturally versatile, lightweight, easy to install, low maintenance, and environmentally friendly, says the company.

Initially offered in Natural Grey, Dark Grey, and Mineral White, the flooring line has now been expanded to include a Titanium Grey and a Metal Grey. All colors are also available as wall panels, with the addition of a warm Bronze Grey.

Concreate floor plank colors

The Concreate floor planks and wall panels are now available in Titanium Black, Metal Grey, Bronze Grey, Natural Grey, Dark Grey and Mineral White.

With growing sales in the United States and abroad, architects and designers are finding the Concreate Floor Planks, as well as the versatile Concreate Wall Panels, to be a creative way to bring a modern industrial finish to commercial and residential designs without the cost or complications of common concrete options. Contractors and installers find the installation of the floor planks to be quick and require only hours before they are ready for use. At only ⅛” thick, creative designers have utilized the wall panels in applications such as retail displays, signage and mobile structures, as well as “stunning” wall covers.

The floor planks and wall panels are a real concrete fiber mix, sustainable, low-VOC and Greenleaf certified, says Concreate. Water and stain resistant, they are also said to be low maintenance and sealed with a natural oil. Whether the style is modern, industrial, farmhouse, mid-century or contemporary, these new colors offer architects, designers, and specifiers a wider range of concrete options to enhance the building.

For additional information including a virtual tour of the company’s Los Angeles showroom, product information, installation instructions, or samples, visit the Concreate Web site. Concreate products are available worldwide.