How to get your fire-rated HVAC assemblies code-compliant, and with free training

by Brianna Crandall — April 14, 2017 — Conquest Firespray, a manufacturer of fire-rated architectural and engineered duct systems, has just announced the results of a 10-month, multi-state market analysis which indicated that industry-standard horizontal fire-rated HVAC assemblies for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning are not in compliance with requirements of the International Building Code (IBC).

According to Conquest, this non-compliance involves projects that use ceramic fiber duct-wrap or drywall assemblies in horizontal applications. Fire-rated HVAC assemblies, as a fire-rated life safety system, are designed to protect occupants and first responders in the event of a fire by containing and exhausting flames and hot gases. Non-compliance with symmetry and continuity requirements of assemblies in IBC chapter seven and nine eliminate important fire protections that the IBC codes intend.

In response to this situation, Conquest, which supplies a fully code-compliant Flamebar BW11 fire-rated duct system solution, has introduced a no-cost / no-obligation online education program to help specifiers, design professionals, and contractors achieve compliance, with education modules in five key areas:

John Pattillo, a Conquest principal and head of engineering, stated:

Every code jurisdiction that has met with us and reviewed our code analysis has agreed with our conclusions regarding the misuse of tested assemblies. Lack of awareness and enforcement of the IBC code are the issue. Ceramic fiber duct wrap and drywall boxes, as used in horizontal ventilation applications, do not meet IBC code. At the request of blue-chip engineering firms, code authorities, and state oversight boards, our engineers are conducting code-specific educational training on how best to enforce IBC codes and test standards. State fire marshals, out of personal concern for first responders, are especially passionate about training to assure full compliance.

For more information visit the Conquest Firespray Web site.