Get a peek at the future of security: Integrating physical and cyber security is becoming the best way to thwart attacks

by Brianna Crandall — May 31, 2017 — Cyberbit, the wholly owned subsidiary of Elbit Systems whose cybersecurity solutions protect some of the world’s most sensitive systems, has been selected by the Arison Group – Solel Boneh Infrastructure, one of Israel’s most prominent construction and infrastructure companies, to provide its cybersecurity product suite for the new Ram Compound, an ultra-secure government facility under construction in the Israeli capital. The Ram Compound will serve as headquarters for sensitive government ministries and will integrate physical and cyber security to achieve unprecedented resilience.

Cyberbit smart building graphic

Physical and cybersecurity will be integrated in the new ultra-secure Ram Compound smart government facility. Click to enlarge.

Deloitte was contracted to lead the cybersecurity aspects of the project. The team performed comprehensive hazard analysis to determine the core elements of the information technology (IT) and operational (OT) infrastructure that must remain operational to survive an attack. The analysis was then used to define the cybersecurity requirements for ensuring undisrupted operation of these core assets. Deloitte selected the entire Cyberbit product suite to provide integrated security across the converged network.

Lior Kalev, information security expert and head of cyber risk services at Deloitte, pointed out:

Attackers are always looking for the weakest link to exploit, so security must be implemented seamlessly across both the IT and OT networks. We selected Cyberbit due to the technical superiority of its portfolio and ability to provide integrated, end-to-end cybersecurity across the entire IT/OT stack.

Cyberbit CEO Adi Dar added:

Physical and cyber security are blending. The most severe cyberattacks are those that move from the IT realm into the physical. This project, with Deloitte and the Arison Group, is an extraordinary opportunity for collaboration of domain leaders to build a first-of-its-kind secure facility.

The Ram Compound will implement the following Cyberbit products:

  • EDR  — Endpoint detection and response protecting against advanced and targeted threats, including ransomware, and providing advanced forensics and threat hunting tools.
  • SCADAShield  — Visualization of the OT network to detect continuity and security risks in real time.

The government facility’s cyber security team will train in a local training center powered by the Cyberbit Range, the most widely deployed cybersecurity training and simulation platform.