For a direct replacement of your T5 fluorescent tubes, check these instant-on LEDs from Universal

by Brianna Crandall — April 17, 2017 — Universal Lighting Technologies, a global provider of lighting and a member of the Panasonic Group, is expanding its linear LED options with Everline T5HO LED Tubes. Installers who are focused on light levels or energy savings can choose from two available power levels — 25.5W and 22.5W — as a direct replacement option for F54T5HO fluorescent lamps.


For fluorescent lamp replacement, these Linear LED Tubes install directly into existing fixtures that have electronic T5HO ballasts, promising immediate energy savings of 50% or more.

Greg Bennorth, director of Product Management for Universal’s Everline LEDs, said:

For installers who want to upgrade their T5HO fluorescent fixtures to LED technology, the Everline LED T5HO Tubes provide energy savings and application flexibility with easy direct-to-socket installation. Additionally, these T5HO tubes offer instant on at full light output, even in cold ambient temperatures.

The new T5HO tubes, which are designed to increase energy savings by more than 50 percent versus standard F54T5HO fluorescent lamps, are compatible with most Programmed Start ballasts. The tubes are easy to install and offer less maintenance than traditional fluorescent, with a 50,000+ hour lifetime at L70, says Universal.

The tubes offer excellent light quality with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 82 and correlated color temperatures of 4000K and 5000K.  A seamless glass design ensures no aging, discoloration or bowing from aging plastic tubes. The wide 240-degree beam angle eliminates dark zones ensuring uniformity and accuracy of light output.

For more information about Universal Lighting Technologies’ Everline T5HO LEDs or the company’s comprehensive line of Everline LED retrofit kits and LED tubes, visit the Universal Web site.