Diversey Care’s newest TASKI auto scrubbers fight heavy foot traffic

by Brianna Crandall — January 25, 2017 — Sealed Air’s Diversey Care division of sustainable cleaning, sanitation and hygiene solutions recently launched the TASKI swingo XD series, a set of auto scrubbers specially designed for challenging cleaning environments such as retail. The swingo XD 1655, a 26-inch machine, and the swingo XD 1855, a 32-inch machine, offer low total cost of ownership as well as fluid control and fleet-tracking technology.

Jan Willem Tinge, global vice president – Facilities and Machines, Diversey Care, commented:

We worked with our retail customers to design and test robust systems that could best hold up in environments with heavy foot traffic. With the ability to remotely track assets, effective water pickup and simple controls, we believe this new TASKI series will far exceed our customers’ cleaning requirements.

According to Diversey Care, the swingo XD series combines industry-leading ergonomics and intuitive controls with more robust systems to meet the tough cleaning needs of the U.S. retail market. Included as standard is patented TASKI IntelliFlow technology, which delivers the proper amount of fluid onto the floor according to the machine’s speed, allowing for less water usage, fewer tank stops, higher productivity and reduced costs.

TASKI swingo XD 1655

The Swingo XD series (1655 shown here) combines high-grade ergonomics and intuitive controls with more robust systems to meet the tough cleaning needs of the U.S. retail market.

The auto scrubbers are also prewired to easily add TASKI IntelliTrail, a cloud-based fleet management system, which enables managers to track asset location, run time and critical service information. With real-time visibility of fleet performance, customers can enhance quality of service, limit downtime and reduce total cost of ownership.

The swingo XD series’ easy-to-understand controls are engineered to allow even untrained operators to quickly begin cleaning while also offering a smooth operation, resulting in reduced fatigue and increased performance. The extra-duty, walk-behind auto scrubbers also include a pickup system with increased durability and an overall strengthened body design.

For more information, visit the TASKI Web site or the swingo XD Series product page on the Sealed Air Web site. The Diversey Care site also offers an introductory video about the Swingo XD Series and the two new machines.