Which types of interlocking doors work best for your facility? And tips on installing the technology

by Brianna Crandall — October 2, 2019 — Door technology manufacturer Dortronics has released the latest white paper in the company’s ongoing series of thought leadership content designed to provide installers and users alike with the latest insight on door control applications and technologies.

According to the white paper, there is more door technology on the market today than ever before, including advanced programmable door interlock systems (also known as mantraps, airlocks, sally ports or access control vestibules), which can provide very high levels of security. A door interlock system is a physical security access control system comprised of a small space with two sets of interlocking doors that are assembled so the first set of doors have to close before the second set opens.

Dortronics publication on door interlock technology

The Dortronics publication explains how different door interlock control systems are applied and operate. Image courtesy Dortronics

Best Practices for Selecting and Installing Door Interlock Technology defines best practices in selecting and applying door interlock solutions, covering: identifying specific uses and applications; types of door interlock systems; how to choose the right interlock configuration; installation guidelines; and how to select the proper interlock controller.

According to the white paper, door interlock systems are used in a variety of industries such as banks and other financial institutions where cash and valuables are stored for safekeeping; cleanrooms that protect individuals, experiments or laboratory equipment from contamination; medical facilities; schools; and secure government facilities.

Door interlock systems are said to provide a unique form of protection not afforded by other access control systems that may be more easily compromised using lost, stolen or replicated credentials.

John FitzPatrick, president, Dortronics, pointed out:

Door control technology is not always given the attention it warrants during the design stages of a project, and then becomes more of a challenge during installation when integration and compliance issues really surface. This new white paper is designed to help system designers, installers and users gain a better understanding as to the numerous door control options and capabilities available today.

The new white paper, Best Practices for Selecting and Installing Door Interlock Technology, is available for free download upon brief registration on the Dortronics website. The company is a subsidiary of Sag Harbor Industries and manufacturer of electric locking hardware and controls for the security, hardware, and door control industries.