Seeing the need for an environmental disinfection robot? Here are the top providers

by Brianna Crandall — April 28, 2017 — Technavio, a tech-focused market research firm, has published a new report on the global environmental disinfection robots market, which is likely to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 37% during the period of 2017 to 2021.

Graph on environmental disinfection robots by geographyEnvironmental disinfection robot market in the Americas

According to the report, rising healthcare spending in the Americas will propel the demand for environmental disinfection robots in the market. The growing pressure from governments for improvement of healthcare facilities and infrastructure will help in the growth of the American market. The United States is the largest revenue generator in the Americas market.

Healthcare institutions are implementing extensive programs for improvement in the disinfection process. Moreover, these bodies are also undertaking measures to improve awareness about healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), modification in cleaning procedures, and incorporation of hand-hygiene protocols in the sector. Such advances are expected to revolutionize the healthcare sector in the American market.

According to Bharath Kanniappan, a lead analyst at Technavio, specializing in research on robotics

The leading vendors are adopting strategies, such as product-line extension and product innovation, to enhance their market shares and expand their consumer base. The market analysts anticipate that over the next few years the deployment of environmental disinfection robots as part of the contracted services will increase and result in higher sales of these robots in the region.

Environmental disinfection robot market in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)

The rising number of investments in technologies made by various hospitals to automate processes and reduce additional operational costs incurred due to infections will help in the growth of the market in EMEA. The Western European countries, such as Spain, the U.K., and Germany are major revenue contributors in this region.

The increasing awareness about healthcare robots, such as telemedicine robots, patient monitoring, and assistance robots will fuel the number of investment opportunities on disinfection robots in the EMEA market during the forecast period.

Environmental disinfection robot market in Asia-Pacific (APAC)

The extensive initiatives undertaken by Asian governments will increase the implementation of robotics in the healthcare sector in APAC. The improvement in healthcare is expected to give rise to a surge in demand for environmental disinfection robots during the forecast period. The countries that are contributing the highest revenue in the APAC market include Japan, Australia, China, India, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand.

The top vendors functioning in the global environmental disinfection robots market are:

  • Bioquell
  • The Clorox Company
  • Tru-D SmartUVC
  • Xenex

Other prominent sellers in the market include Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP), Blue Ocean Robotics, Infection Prevention Technologies, Surfacide, and UVC Cleaning Systems.

For more details, see the 70-page report, Global Environmental Disinfection Robot Market 2017-2021, available for purchase on the Technavio Web site. The company also customizes reports by other regions and precise segments upon request. Interested readers can request a free sample of this report or talk to an analyst to find out more.