Find out how this drone analytics acquisition could help you assess damage and mitigate risk with your next property inspection

by Brianna Crandall — July 31, 2019 — DroneBase, a Los Angeles-based global drone services company, recently announced that it has acquired Betterview’s drone roof inspection software and services, establishing the company’s first foray into analytics as well as its first purchase. The transition will seamlessly carry over both the software technology and customers to DroneBase, while Betterview will solely focus on its risk management platform, which is based on manned aircraft and satellite imagery.

Aerial view of rooftops via DroneBase Insights drone inspection software

Betterview drone inspection software, now DroneBase Insights, helps insurers and property managers assess damage and mitigate risk for commercial properties. Image courtesy DroneBase

DroneBase provides businesses with aerial information to make better, real-time decisions about their most critical assets from a vast Pilot Network. Serving multiple industries such as residential and commercial real estate, insurance, telecommunications, construction, and media, DroneBase has reportedly completed over 100,000 commercial missions flown in over 70 countries and in all 50 states.

Dan Burton, founder and CEO of DroneBase, stated:

DroneBase’s mission is to provide businesses with fast, affordable, and reliable data to make better informed decisions, and we’ll continue to fulfill that mission by providing drone services to our analytics partners and an end-to-end solution for Betterview’s clients. Having worked with Betterview for almost two years, we have been impressed with their platform and its solutions. We will continue to enhance the technology by pairing our trove of aerial data with analytics and artificial intelligence.

The Betterview drone inspection software, now called DroneBase Insights, aims to help insurers and property managers to assess damage and mitigate risk for commercial properties. The platform is used by industry leaders such as Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies to provide property insight and workflow tools to accelerate decisions and improve risk at every point of the life cycle. DroneBase Insights will allow the drone services company to tap into its years’ worth of aerial data and better serve partners in insurance, property management, commercial real estate and more.

David Lyman, co-founder and CEO of Betterview, remarked:

Since late 2017, DroneBase has been a trusted partner of Betterview, and they have consistently proven to be reliable, fast and customer-centric. One of the benefits of this transaction is that it will allow P&C insurers to triage their drone inspections by quickly identifying high-risk properties via Betterview’s platform or API. When carriers need to dig deeper, they can order a drone inspection from DroneBase and receive a detailed roof report that contains analysis along with high-resolution imagery.

By selling its software to DroneBase, Betterview has fully shifted its focus to its risk management platform, which leverages machine learning, computer vision and geospatial data to deliver data, analysis and insights on commercial and residential properties throughout the United States.

For more information about DroneBase Insights services and analytics, visit the DroneBase website.