Improve your data center uptime with Eaton’s newest uninterruptible power system (UPS)

by Brianna Crandall — August 21, 2017 — Power management company Eaton just announced an expansion to its 93PM uninterruptible power system (UPS) product line with a new 208/220V model. Designed to deliver Eaton’s flagship combination of efficiency and reliability, the new model features flexible deployment and offers benefits that enhance business continuity and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) over critical infrastructure.

Eaton 93PM UPS

Eaton’s new 93PM 208/220V UPS model simplifies installation by fitting in line or alongside any standard-depth rack.

From multi-tenant and co-location facilities to edge data centers, information technology (IT) professionals and data center facilities professionals require power management solutions that deliver value and improve uptime in the event of power loss or outage. Key features of the new 93PM 208/220V model include:

  • New voltage: With the new 208/220V model, the 93PM is now available in one of the most common voltages for a three-phase UPS.
  • Swappable technology: The new UPS features swappable technology, allowing Eaton service technicians to replace power modules in minutes while the unit is online for continuous operation.
  • Lithium-ion battery: For the first time, the 93PM UPS is available with lithium-ion battery technology, offering exponentially longer battery life, lighter physical weight, and a smaller footprint than standard valve-regulated lead-acid batteries.
  • Slim form factor: The slim form factor of the unit makes it an ideal white- or gray-space solution for data centers of all sizes.
  • Remote monitoring: Users who purchase the UPS receive one year of Eaton’s PredictPulse service for 24×7 remote monitoring and reporting capabilities.

Kelly Mehta, product manager, Eaton, stated:

Our customers rely on Eaton for UPS technologies that combine efficiency and reliability while enabling scalability to meet future growth. By adding a 208/220V model to the 93PM UPS family, we’ve given these customers an essential solution for achieving effective power management.

The 93PM 208/220V UPS will initially be available in a 120kW power rating, with additional ratings to follow later in 2017 and in early 2018. To learn more about Eaton’s 93PM UPS series or Eaton’s power quality products and services, visit the company’s Web site.