Eaton’s 5P rackmount compact UPS delivers enhanced flexibility, efficiency

by Brianna Crandall — February 3, 2017 — Power management company Eaton announced this week the launch of its new 5P rackmount compact uninterruptible power supply (UPS), engineered to deliver enterprise-class battery backup power for edge computing environments, network closets and computer rooms. The new mounting options in the 5P rackmount compact UPS enable greater deployment flexibility for customers, making it an ideal solution for footprint-dependent installations.

5P rackmount compact UPS

New 5P rackmount compact UPS delivers enterprise-class battery backup power for edge computing environments, network closets, computer rooms.

Jeff Kennedy, product line manager, Eaton, stated:

Customers of all sizes require UPS solutions that provide efficient backup power with the flexibility to seamlessly fit into diverse environments. Whether it’s large retailers, K-12 schools or small businesses with limited space for equipment, our new 5P rackmount compact solution makes managing a UPS easier than ever, even in virtualized environments.

Eaton’s 5P rackmount compact UPS offers a range of benefits and features, including:

  • Advanced control with Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) software, allowing for remote management (remote power-off and remote on/off features) and integration into leading virtualization platforms
  • Two-post, four-post and wall-mount hardware rail kit, providing customers with flexibility for deployment
  • A compact footprint that saves valuable equipment space and allows for deployment in tight spaces
  • More outlets to allow users to power more information technology (IT) equipment
  • Intelligent load segment controls enabling remote reboot and outlet-level monitoring

Eaton’s 5P rackmount compact UPS joins the company’s existing 5P UPS product family, engineered to deliver reliable backup power with an efficiency rating of up to 96 percent. With ENERGY STAR-qualified models, the 5P product line features a graphical liquid crystal display (LCD), allowing users to view UPS status in a single glance.

More information about Eaton’s new 5P rackmount compact UPS, the company’s full line of 5P UPS products, or Eaton’s complete portfolio of power management products to help professionals organize, protect and manage their critical infrastructure can be found on the Eaton Web site.