If you want to save energy through dimming and daylight harvesting, check out Echoflex’s new lighting control

by Brianna Crandall — August 19, 2019 — Wireless lighting control manufacturer Echoflex Solutions introduced a host of new products designed to help create simple and effective lighting control systems at the recent Lightfair 2019 event: the Echoflex Multi-Button Interface (MBI) switch station, ELED3 tri-zone dimming controller, TAP-41 photo sensor, ELED2 tunable-white fixture controller and TAP-31 photo sensor, highlighted below.

4 of Echoflex's new lighting control products

Echoflex introduced (left to right) the Multi-Button Interface (MBI) switch station, ELED3 tri-zone dimming controller, TAP-41 photo sensor, TAP-31 photo sensor and ELED2 tunable-white fixture controller. Image courtesy Echoflex. Click to enlarge.

Multi-Button Interface switch station

The Echoflex Multi-Button Interface (MBI) switch station offers multiple zone control and functions in a sleek, one-gang-size form factor. The MBI is available in two-, four-, and eight-button models. Each pair of buttons on the MBI can be programmed, controlling certain fixtures or multiple zones. Custom labelling, crisp tactile feedback, and other design elements provide an intuitive interface for users.

ELED3 tri-zone dimming controller

The ELED3 tri-zone dimming controller is a wireless lighting controller that includes three 0-10V low-voltage dimming channels. The three channels of control make the ELED3 ideal for areas where primary and secondary daylighting, or side lighting, zones are required — areas such as open-office spaces, classrooms, boardrooms or conference rooms. And because only one device is required to manage multiple lighting zones, system commissioning is easier and quicker, says the company.

TAP-41 photo sensor

Echoflex’s TAP-41 (Task Ambient Photo) sensor is a wireless, self-powered light sensor with correlated color temperature (CCT) sensing technology. Designed for indoor use, the TAP-41 sensor has two selectable light-intensity ranges for closed-loop or open-loop daylighting control. A broad range of temperature coverage enables the TAP-41 to provide responsive feedback of the color temperature of combined natural and artificial light, enabling systems with tunable-white fixtures to adjust the fixtures as necessary to create a homogenous lighting field.


ELED2 tunable-white fixture controller

The ELED2 tunable-white fixture controller is a wireless solution for creating human-centric lighting systems. With two separate outputs — one for intensity, one for color-temperature control — the ELED2 can deliver a variety of color temperature and dimming control sequences. When paired with a photo sensor with color-correlated technology (such as the Echoflex TAP-41), the ELED2 can automatically adjust a fixture’s color temperature in open- and closed-loop applications. The ELED2 also features Dim-to-Warm technology, replicating a natural look with LED fixtures even as they dim.

TAP-31 photo sensor

The TAP-31 (Task Ambient Photo) sensor is a wireless, self-powered light sensor designed for indoor use that provides a reliable and simple method for increasing energy savings by adding daylight harvesting capability to your Echoflex lighting control system. With two selectable ranges — 0-1024 lux (95 fc) and 0-65535 lux (6090 fc) — the TAP-31 is suitable for open- or closed-loop daylighting applications. The TAP-31 uses solar cells for power, comes with multiple mounting options, and features Simple-Tap configuration to establish daylight switching or dimming setpoints.

For more information, click on the product links above or visit the Echoflex website. Canada-based Echoflex is an ETC Company.