For smart, real-time control of indoor air quality, check out this new IoT device from eLichens and Daikin

by Brianna Crandall — October 17, 2018 — eLichens, a designer of patented gas sensors and a comprehensive air quality analysis and prediction platform, recently announced the release of its modular real-time IAQ, or indoor air quality, connected device.

The eLichens modular Internet of Things (IoT) device is designed to provide an improved customer experience in an eco-aware context where well-being meets energy efficiency. The company points out that the impact of air quality on health and life comfort is well established, and with people spending more than 80 percent of their time indoors, indoor air quality monitoring is of great importance to human health. Concurrently, there is a growing need to develop innovative energy-saving technologies for an efficient indoor environment.

To tackle these challenges, eLichens introduced a real-time modular IAQ solution presenting the advantage of a smart scalable system allowing seamless integration of various sensing technologies. The connected device is an end-to-end solution enabling measurement of CO₂ – carbon dioxide, PM – particulate matter, VOC – volatile organic compounds, ambient temperature, light, relative humidity and noise level. Additional sensors are optional: NO₂ – nitrogen dioxide, O₃ – ozone and CH2O – formaldehyde.

Using encrypted wireless sensor networks, the IAQ solution can be linked to a local gateway to connect to the external world for ubiquitous access to data.

The eLichens IAQ device offers the advantage of being battery operated and auto-calibrated with drift compensated to combat aging, temperature and humidity, with no maintenance or intervention needed.

The device takes full control of the ventilation system and any other smart-building connected IoT devices. It interfaces with the company’s patented hyper local outdoor air quality services (10 meters precision at street level), allowing smart and optimized energy efficiency.

Wahid Issa, chief executive officer of eLichens, stated:

We have worked hand in hand with Daikin to introduce a real-time connected indoor air quality device that takes advantage of the eLichens CO2 NDIR patented, auto-calibrated, ultra-low power (<< 0.1mW) and high-performance sensor, and the deep expertise of Daikin in energy efficiency for air conditioning and ventilation systems. This partnership resulted in a much needed and industrial expert IoT solution.

Dr. Piao, president, Daikin Open Innovation Lab Silicon Valley, commented:

We have been excited working with eLichens engineers where the specification of this complete system on device meet Daikin requirements, and could become a powerful tool for indoor environment control.

For more information, visit the eLichens website. The Grenoble, France-based start-up with offices in California says its mission is to help individuals digitize their environment across the industrial, smart home, smart city and consumer markets. Daikin has been a global provider of air-conditioning for over 90 years, with products sold in over 140 countries.