Elmich unveils green roof and wall products

by Brianna Crandall — February 20, 2017 — Sustainable building solutions provider Elmich unveiled several green roof and wall products in recent months, including the four highlighted below. The Singapore-based company provides state-of-the-art and ecologically-minded urban landscaping, waterproofing, drainage, and storm water management solutions to building developers, contractors, and landscape architects around the world.

VersiWall GT (VGT)

VersiWall GT is a modular green wall system that gives architects and builders flexible and cost-effective solutions to create living walls for both indoor and outdoor applications. The system is manufactured from extremely durable, fire-resistant aluminum material, which fulfills important fire-safety requirements for indoor green walls.

Elmich VersiWall GT

Double-sided VersiWall GT green wall and swing door

VersiWall GT consists of rows of pilasters attached to a wall, onto which the trays and irrigation system hook. The extruded pilasters and trays can be easily cut to any length both on and off site for a high level of flexibility to allow creativity in design.

VersiDrain 60P

VersiDrain 60P is a lightweight, inter-connectable modular tray comprising a network of cells, used for extensive green roof systems to store and drain excess water. The high water-storage capacity of the cells reduces irrigation frequency and minimizes fertilizer runoff and usage. It also helps to mitigate stormwater runoff and regulates the discharge to storm drains during periods of heavy downpour.

Elmich VersiDrain 60P

Green roof mock-up using VersiDrain 60P and EVALON, a plant-root resistant waterproofing membrane

At the same time, the perforations between water storage cells eliminates the possibility of waterlogging. Water and soluble nutrients stored in the cells are returned to the growing media, reducing irrigation requirements and promoting the growth of healthier plants in a sustainable manner.

VersiDrain 60P trays are inter-connected to adjacent trays to keep them in position. Durable and robust, the system is manufactured from UV-stabilized recycled polypropylene and supports all international green building certifications. It also protects waterproofing membranes while effectively supporting the weight of the growing media and plants.

Bearer Adaptor

The Bearer Adaptor is a compatible accessory used to connect an aluminium bearer or joist with Elmich pedestals without the need to drive a screw.

Elmich Bearer Adaptor

Elmich bearer system mock-up

VersiWall GP (FR)

VersiWall GP (FR) is a new version of the original VGP that meets the Singapore Fire Code requirements for toxicity emissions, smoke density and fire spread. Manufactured from a special blend of fire-resistant materials that will not burn, release toxic emissions or smoke when fire is present, VGP FR is a suitable plastic green wall system for building interiors as well as outdoor green wall installations.

Elmich VersiWall GP

VersiWall GP pots planted with Vernonia creates a hanging garden

VGP FR is equipped with multi-point mounting, and variable vertical and horizontal tray spacing. This allows for cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing living walls with various mounting, planting density and growth media options, as well as the assurance of complying with building code regulations.

For more information, visit the Elmich Web site or the specific green roof and wall product pages linked above.