Need to prevent or get rid of wood pests or mold? Check out Flo-X’s new wood pesticide and mold wipes

by Brianna Crandall — May 30, 2018 — Cutting-edge scientist and Flo-X CEO Eric Yohan has now developed Termafoam, touted as the only nationally EPA registered, ready-to-use solution for the preservation, protection, and preventive treatment of wood against decay, fungi, and wood-destroying insects, and for remedial control of such pests in infested wood.


Termafoam is formulated to protect interior and exterior woods as a preventive treatment, and for use on existing structures and new construction, as well as for remedial treatment of infested wood. The product is applied by registered applicators and comes with product liability insurance for large contracts.

1-gallon bucket of Termafoam

Termafoam preserves, protects, prevents and remediates against decay, fungi and insects in wood. Image courtesy Flo-X

“You can walk away knowing that you have protected your asset and reduced the health hazard,” Yohan remarked.


For 20 years, Eric Yohan says he has dedicated himself to producing the world’s most effective, environmentally friendly, and pH-neutral mold and insect control products. According to Yohan, flagship product Flo-X continues to revolutionize the mold remediation industry by creating and maintaining state-of-the-art certified professional systems. Flo-X is touted as the only EPA registered and patented product for its long-term anti-mold and anti-regrowth properties under the EPA pesticide program.

Flo-X is also said to be the only product available that kills mold and mildew, such as Aspergillus Niger and Stachybotrys Chartarum, by 99.99%, in under five minutes. Products include a built-in fluorescent marker to ensure product efficacy and quality control, and give additional protection to the property owner or manager. All Flo-X products are approved for use nationwide, including California and Florida, says the company.

Coming soon: mold wipes

Flo-X is preparing to release pre-moistened Mold Wipes, billed as the only EPA registered line of high-quality, dual-action, non-bleach cleaner wipes that specifically target tough, set-in stains like mold, mildew, and odor from non-porous surfaces. The formula has a low toxicity, a neutral PH formula, and leaves no skin irritation, says the company. The Refill System is designed for the building service contractor industry, health-care facilities, schools and colleges, hotels, military institutions, and any commercial office building.

Flo-X products are available at selected Ace Hardware retailers nationwide. For more information about Termafoam, Flo-X or the upcoming Mold Wipes, visit the Flo-X website.